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Does Facebook have a plan for taking down Snapchat ?

When Instagram copied Snapchat's popular Stories feature in August — it's a tool that lets users share photos and videos for up to 24 hours before they disappear — Instagram execs said they did so because Stories was a format lots of other services would copy, too.

"[We] built on a format that Snapchat invented," Instagram's product boss Kevin Weil explained in December. "It's a format, [and] we believe that format will be universal."

That format is becoming universal — at least at Facebook.

Instagram and Snapchat both make money by placing ads alongside user Stories, and WhatsApp just appointed its first COO, a sign that the company is starting to think about monetizing its 1.2 billion monthly users.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion back in 2013, and was rebuffed. Since then, Facebook has tried to copy multiple features from Snapchat’s app for standalone Facebook apps, and recently inserted what’s more or less a clone of Snapchat into Instagram, on top of its original features.

Does Facebook have a plan for taking down Snapchat ?

Could be Facebook Snapchat’s Biggest Threat ?

Is Instagram the Snapchat’s biggest threat ?

Facebook may be the dominant player in social media, mobile advertising, and news, but Snapchat is the most formidable competitor it’s ever encountered. Snapchat has a great feel for what its more than 100 million daily users want, and it moves fast. Combine that with its attractive demographics—86% of Snapchatters are between the ages of 13 and 34—and you can see why these two companies are now battling it out in one of the most aggressive rivalries. 

It’s not all bad news

Snapchat has another advantage over its competitors: Its users are younger. If investors are thinking about the long-term future of Snap, it may be heartening to know that the majority of the company’s audience is less likely to keel over and die than some of its competition. It also means they can grow as the app does, which was a major boon for Facebook in the last decade, where many of its original users graduated high school and college, got jobs, and started having disposable income to spend on things brands would want to advertise on Facebook. Snap’s users can mature as the app does.

Snapchat also has another advantage: People come back to the app a lot. Although they may spend more time on Facebook or Instagram, they reopen Snapchat more than Instagram. This could be a useful tool for advertisers, knowing that there are more individual instances in a day though which they can potentially interact with, and advertise to, a Snap user.

Does Facebook have a shameless plan for taking down Snapchat ?

I wouldn't want to be in Snapchat's shoes. Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg is brilliant. They are always focused on delivering the best user experience.


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Javier, All true and interesting but it fies in the face of one of my items in the definition of successful marketing "Go wher the money is." The demographic they are chasing can only pay off long term. If that is the strategy and everyone knows it the implementation will be extremely interesting. And so it goes.

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As a matter of fact, similar functions are available today in different Social Platforms, but that is not a condition to exclude one another.
With regards to Facebook and Snapchat, even though functions might be similar in both platforms (copycated by Facebok in this case), the key point here is the average type of audience in both platforms: Snapchat average user is more reluctant to sharing their content on Facebook, and feel Snapchat to be more of their playground, where they are more willing to open up and share their content and build their community.
And by now Facebook cannot beat that.

Thanks for the article!

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