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Ex-Linkedin Data Scientist Ron Bekkerman Joins Profede!

Profede Announces Ex-Linkedin Data Scientist And Big Data Expert Ron Bekkerman To Join The Advisory Board

Ex-Linkedin Data Scientist Ron Bekkerman Joins Profede!

Profede is proud to announce that as of today acclaimed data scientist Ron Bekkerman has agreed to join Profede through an official advisory role. 

Ron has a PhD in Machine Learning and is currently Assistant Professor of Data Science at the University of Haifa. Ron is also an Advisor to Implisit, a data-intelligence startup based in Israel, which was acquired by Salesforce for a  reported tens of millions of dollars and he is also an advisor to various other startups.

Read more at https://profede.com/profede-announces-ex-linkedin-data-scientist-and-big-data-expert-ron-bekkerman-to-join-the-advisory-board/

About Profede

Profede is one ICO that is here to disrupt the professional industry that is worth over $1000bn. Profede uses blockchain to bypass intermediaries in the professional industry and create a direct connection between professionals and businesses. Through this protocol professionals are able to control their personal data and get paid for each exchange of data with businesses or other professionals who contact them. Each time a business wants to access a professionals data be it for a uniquely targeted job offer, a commercial offer or a specific business proposal tokens are paid. By making data valuable and eliminating intermediaries Profede is able to achieve bringing essential value to professionals and businesses.

"ex especialista en datos de LinkedIn. En LinkedIn, Ron construyó un sistema de estandarización de datos que está generando grandes ganancias para LinkedIn, además de realizar análisis de datos que afectan el producto y la estrategia de marketing".

Un dato clave.

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If there was a way to make this article my LI profile background image, I'd do that! Let's hope Profede lives up to the expectations.