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Fake social media accounts on beBee - Important announcement

Important changes on beBee

Fake social media accounts on beBee - Important announcement
Our team is always ready to help you !

beBee is beting on quality content. We want to have the top quality platform. We will not allow fake profiles which are an usual problem on Social Media.

This is an important announcement. 

1.- We will not allow fake/false profiles on beBee. 

2.- Profiles without a personal picture will not have reach through hives anymore.

3.- Profiles with a group picture or a non personal picture (pets, logos, etc) will be removed.

4.- We will not allow profiles as Brands. Instead, you have to create a hive for your Brand.

5.- Articles/Stories on beBee Producer under 200 words will not be distributed through the hives.

6. Accounts using robots will be removed.

Steps to create a new hive / Brand Hive on beBee


How to Register a Company on beBee


These are NOT allowed on beBee

1. Brands (Names&Logos) created as professional profiles. They will be inmediately removed.

2. Professional profiles with a logo as their profile picture.  They will be inmediately removed.

What is allowed ON beBee:

1.- Professionals

2.- Brands publishing - as HIVES - through their Brand Hives


Please, report "fake profiles" to support@bebee.com. 

Our beBee Guide


Many thanks


Adriana Bevacqua García

Sophie Perrin

Itziar Ruiz López

Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín

Giampiero Vilardi Netta Virtanen

John White, MBA

Alberto Anaya Arcas

Breno Barreto

Neil Smith Jul 12, 2017 · #95

Thank you.

Victoria Toumit May 30, 2017 · #94

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One thing you learn with blog posts is it is almost always important to get to the point as clearly and concisely as possible. Blog posts should be 2- 4-minute reads. A thing that is whipped into us in schooling in writing is stretching something out by adding or not eliminating unnecessary words is unacceptable. I like to think I have been whipped into shape by the best, but then--I'm biased. Loved my teachers.

Susana Sánchez Rodríguez May 15, 2017 · #92

Gracias. Leido y entendido.

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Irene 🐝 Rodriesco May 15, 2017 · #91

@Carmen Juanes Luis, @Susana Sánchez Rodríguez, @Raúl 🐝 Herrero Acinas..., hagamoslo revolotear de nuevo, para nuevas y quizá rezagadas incorporaciones.

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Irene 🐝 Rodriesco May 14, 2017 · #90


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Javier 🐝 CR May 14, 2017 · #89

#88 @Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar todo es posible pero no damos a basto y estamos enfocados en la nueva versión de beBee. Apuesto de momento a usar el traductor 😂😂😂😂

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Irene 🐝 Rodriesco May 14, 2017 · #88

Usé el traductor en su momento. Me preguntaba si seria posible el artículo en español, para ayuda de las nuevas incorporaciones, y compartirlo. @Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín, @Adriana Bevacqua García, @Itziar Ruiz López. Gracias.

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