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Future of beBee

Future of beBee

As I announced here , beBee is betting on Blockchain Technology to disrupt the professional market.

    Read more: Launching of Profede

    These are some new improvements we are planning to do on beBee:

    1.- Better Integration with LinkedIn, Google and Facebook

    New registrations and logins will be able to use LinkedIn, Google and Facebook accounts.

    2.- Improvements on Hives

    Hives are the core of beBee, so Hives need to be empowered. A lot of professionals (engineers, executives, entrepreneurs, economists, etc) are demanding it from us so we are going to develop this area. Users will be able to create real conversations through Quick Buzz, and share through hives, short texts, links or wherever they like. The conversations will not mix with the long content and all content will be shared in the hives so you will not miss a thing!

      Hive Owners will have new features like importing their contacts and managing their hives to exclude or include content.

      Hives will be enriched with presentations, whitepapers and much more.

      Quick Buzz = Conversations through the hives. 

      Produce Honey = long content

      3.- beBee will adopt the PATO token

      The PATO (Professional Activity Token) will be used for paying for services and rewarding and compensating our professionals.

      The Token will trade in the best exchanges because it will be adopted by thousands of small&medium Apps and millions of users. 

      beBee signed an agreement with Profede (Professional Decentralization) and will be the first platform using Profede’s protocol because beBee firmly believes that blockchain is a powerful emerging technology that enables more engagement within the collaborative economy without the need of central authority. Profede has been endorsed by beBee as a natural next step in the field of professional networking. 

      Every professional profile comes with a price in tokens (set by the individual) and a feedback rating (set by the community). Active professionals will appear higher within searches. Whereas, inactive professionals will appear lower.

      Looking at the example above, businesses or professionals seeking a Java developer will have to do the following; 

      To contact Peter Smith , they will have to pay 20 PATO. Peter is quite active on beBee, he sometimes replies to proposals but not 100% of the time. 

      To contact Jane Doe, businesses will have to pay 15 PATO. Jane is extremely active on beBee and always replies efficiently and appropriately.

      To contact Walter Kobalian,  businesses will have to pay 40 PATO. Walter is very active on beBee and usually replies in a appropriate manner.

      Personally, if I wanted to contact one of these professionals, I would probably choose Jane, because she wants to be more approachable (her price is much lower in comparison) and she always replies accordingly.

      Businesses can select professionals according to their preferences

      As you can see in this case, a Business is searching for Java Developers located in the US on beBee.

      Find out more about our implementation of Profede's Protocol: https://profede.com/product/

      Thanks Tom Greenwell ;-)

      Javier 🐝 beBee 12/7/2018 · #66

      "Users will be able to create real conversations through Quick Buzz, and share through hives, short texts, links or wherever they like"

      I think this is good news for my friends @Jim Murray

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      Louise Smith 12/5/2018 · #64

      Thank you @Javier 🐝 beBee
      I love my friends on beBee & wish I had more time to spend with them
      But what's also great for me is that you are leading me
      into the new era of online life
      with Profede & Blockchain etc
      I really appreciate this as I wouldn't know about it if not for beBee

      +1 +1
      Louise Smith 12/5/2018 · #63

      #11 @Ken Boddie Is that really true blue ?

      Lyon Brave 7/5/2018 · #62

      Where are the bebee girls, pissing feminist off and hanging out by the swimming pool in tight white shirts with a bebee logo on it interviewing people about their dreams and giggling in awkward moments of silence?!

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      Jerry Fletcher 22/4/2018 · #61

      Thanks for the update, Javier. Care to share a timeline?

      +3 +3
      EVAMAX Group 20/4/2018 · #60

      Cheers! Looking forward to more innovation and better functionalities. Thank you for making this a better online professional network. @Javier 🐝 beBee

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      Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 19/4/2018 · #59

      I am looking forward to see the changes.

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