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LinkedIn Alternatives for Professional Networking

When we talk of building your professional network the first name that pops up in our mind probably is LinkedIn. Whether you are looking for a new job, looking to hire a professional for your set up or simply wish to grow your professional network and maintain connections with people in your work circle, LinkedIn has been the ultimate source for many.

On LinkedIn, you connect with people you know. The content in your feed is based on those connections. You see what they post - whether it’s relevant to you or not.

LinkedIn Alternatives for Professional Networking


On beBee, we drive connection and engagement through passions, hobbies, personal and professional interests. You can find other individuals with the same interests as you and then you can create a dialogue over that commonality. This is what we call affinity networking - a connection based on common interest.
Matt 🐝 Sweetwood

The connections you make on beBee are more meaningful because of shared interests and passions not just business connections.
Claire L 🐝 Cardwell

beBee is about connecting deeper with people.
John White, MBA

beBee is the only platform that believes in 100% organic reach. So, when you build a following on beBee you can be assured that your posts will always be exposed to your entire network. Thus, you control your own destiny with your branding. If your content is good it will get viewed and shared. If you are influential within hives - affinity groups -, you will gain followers.

beBee is the most complete alternative to LinkedIn for professional networking. On beBee, you can share your content through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ....

The most annoying part of achieving business success is the constant parade of those who try to manufacture a relationship in the name of their own networking.  These desperate attempts underscore the fact that networking and relationships are fundamental to business success, yet ignore that the best relationships include equal amounts of give and take. 

Here is the key point: Invest more time into fewer relationships. It may sound counterintuitive, but generally your networking effect is far stronger, as people who have deeper relationships with you create more powerful referral relationships on your behalf.

In an age of ubiquitous social media, it is even more important to ensure the connections you make are genuine. The simple truth is that the most fruitful connections are borne of something shared. Whether that’s a sports club, music, general business, or any number of affinity groups, it is primarily about a sense of shared engagement. If you are authentic and interesting as a person, it immediately translates into someone who people are interested in getting to know and wanting to help.
Thomas Chaffee

Read more at: This Is What You Can Do to Start Making More Meaningful Connections by  Thomas Chaffee


Twitter is an alternative to LinkedIn for professional networking. One advantage to Twitter is it’s an open “cocktail party” atmosphere - like beBee.  You can search hashtags and keywords, join any conversation or meet new people in your industry.


If you connect on Facebook with the majority of your business contacts, you can easily share news with each other about business and your personal lives. You can also see mutual friendships, which can further improve networking. Anyway it is not easy because Facebook is usually seen as your private life ( family & friends ).


If you are a german speaker, Xing is a great alternative to LinkedIn in Germany and Austria. Xing is exactly "the german Linkedin". Germany is a very special country and Xing couldn't grow outside Germany. beBee is the only alternative to LinkedIn that is growing fast worldwide. LinkedIn's and beBee's international presence is a huge competitive advantage. I think finally, XING will be wiped out by LinkedIn. It is a question of time. Both companies are offering the same features: Professionals can create a profile and connect with their co-workers and acquaintances in order to build up a professional network and to boost career prospects.

Anyway consider Xing if you live in Germany because they are doing a great job.


Quora can be great for your business. Any time you’re unsure of business decisions, such as strategic partnerships or how to train an inside sales team, just post it, and experts in the field will respond. Generally, you can get ideas and implement most of the feedback you receive. 


Despite LinkedIn being the largest professional networking , there are plenty of other networking options to help you make meaningful connections. You should never put all eggs in ONE basket. In fact, some of these alternatives may be more helpful than LinkedIn because they focus on creating more professional connections based on your interests.

Besides LinkedIn, what other networking sites do you use to make professional connections?

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#95 Good luck to that. Beyond the data and privacy issues, their entire platform structure and the culture of how people use it would have to be transformed. This is the advantage a new entrant like beBee has - build it right to begin with.

Javier 🐝 CR Jun 28, 2017 · #94

Remember this:
1.- Your content is delivered to all of your network.
2.- Your content is automatically top ranked on Google Search Engine.
3.- Your quality content reaches your target affinity groups.
4.- Your content can be distributed through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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Gloria (Glo) Ochoa May 1, 2017 · #93

ooooooooooooo Xing is a new one ...Ill check it out...Still #beBee is my fave. Any plans for being able to schedule posts out to the other platforms in the works for a future cool thing?

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Javier 🐝 CR Apr 21, 2017 · #92

Enjoy beBee and Reach 100% of your followers !

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Benefits of becoming a beBee blogger

- Instant reach through hives.
- Instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your content.
- 100% Organic Reach.
- Anybody can be a blogger.
- Anybody is already an "influencer".
- Reach your followers through email.

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