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New beBee ambassadors - 2016 November

New beBee ambassadors - 2016 November

We’ve received many questions asking about the specific requirements that need to be met to become one of our Ambassadors. We are priorizing these actions:

1. Promote beBee on the internet -->  Whether it’s through your various social networks, web pages, personal blogs, conferences, etc. we ask that you spread the word about beBee: mention beBee on other platforms, write articles, share your buzzes outside of beBee…

2. Invite your contacts -->  Share beBee with your network: friends, family, coworkers, partners, students...The more the better!

3. Write on Producer -->  Write your own content using our blogging tool.

4. Share relevant content --> If you see something important on the network, share it on beBee and spread the buzz among all relevant hives.

5. Engage with bees and keep positive. We are still working hard to improve our platform.

6. Use Live Buzz feature to engage with your followers.

Step by Step

#1 Visit https://www.bebee. com/ambassadors

#2 Log-in or sign-up

#3 Fill-out and send your application

#4 Start implementing the guidelines listed above, and bear in mind that this program takes time to be able to be considered. We need to track you again and again :-)

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at ambassadors@bebee.com

New beBee ambassadors

Larry Boyer https://www.bebee.com/@larryboyer

Jan Barbosa https://www.bebee.com/@jan-barbosa

Bill Stankiewicz https://www.bebee.com/@bill-stankiewicz

Jorge Carballo https://www.bebee.com/@jorge-carballo-perez

Jennifer Schultz https://www.bebee.com/@jennifer-schultz-pennsylvania

Paz Hueso https://www.bebee.com/@maria-paz-hueso-luque-93xk

Florencio Vallinot https://www.bebee.com/@florenciovallinot

Mohammed A Jawad https://www.bebee.com/@mohammed-a-jawad

Neil Hughes https://www.bebee.com/@neil-hughes

Jacob Molz https://www.bebee.com/@jacobmolz

Joel Anderson https://www.bebee.com/@joel-anderson

Simon Gray https://www.bebee.com/@simon-gray

Andrew Books https://www.bebee.com/@andrew-books-wisconsin

Nicole Morgan https://www.bebee.com/@nicole-morgan

Michael Bellina https://www.bebee.com/@michael-bellina

Yago Uribe https://www.bebee.com/@y-uribe

Celia Hil https://www.bebee.com/@celia-hil

Rudolf Helmbrecht https://www.bebee.com/bee/rudolf-helmbrecht

Juanma Romero https://www.bebee.com/bee/juanma-romero

Flavio Souza https://www.bebee.com/@flavio-souza-t-ky-to

David Navarro https://www.bebee.com/@david-navarro-lopez

Jared Wiese https://www.bebee.com/@jaredwiese

beBee ambassadors to this day

Aitor Díez Fdez https://www.bebee.com/@aitordiez

Alfredo Vela https://www.bebee.com/@alfredo-vela-zancada

Ali Anani https://www.bebee.com/@ali-anani

Andrew Goldman https://www.bebee.com/@andrew-goldman

Antonio Rdez del Pozo https://www.bebee.com/bee/antonio-l-rodriguez-del-pozo-0fNPrc

Ashley Marie Taylor https://www.bebee.com/@ashley-marie-florida

Augusto Santos https://www.bebee.com/@augustoverde

Christian Gálvez https://www.bebee.com/@christiangalvez

CityVP Manjit https://www.bebee.com/@cityvp

David Grinberg https://www.bebee.com/@dbgrinberg

Dean Owen https://www.bebee.com/@dean-owen

Deb Helfrich https://www.bebee.com/@deb-helfrich

Debasish Majumder  https://www.bebee.com/@debasish-majumder

Denise Da Vinha https://www.bebee.com/@denise-da-vinha-ricieri

Don Kerr https://www.bebee.com/@don-kerr

Fernando Santa Isabel https://www.bebee.com/@fernando-santa-isabel-llanos

Franci Eugenia Hoffman https://www.bebee.com/@franci-hoffman

Franciane Nunes https://www.bebee.com/@francianerh

Gert Scholtz https://www.bebee.com/@gert-scholtz

Graham Edwards https://www.bebee.com/@graham-edwards

Hugo Chinchilla https://www.bebee.com/@hugochinchilla

Jim Murray https://www.bebee.com/@jim-murray

José Luís Casado https://www.bebee.com/@jose-luis-casado-martinez

José Manuel Nieves https://www.bebee.com/@jose-manuel-nieves

Ken Boddie https://www.bebee.com/@ken-boddie

Kevin Pashuk https://www.bebee.com/@kevin-pashuk

Lance Scoular https://www.bebee.com/@lancescoular

Lisa Gallagher https://www.bebee.com/@lisa-gallagher

Mamen Delgado https://www.bebee.com/@mamen-delgado

Maria Oslara https://www.bebee.com/@mariaoslara

Michele Williams https://www.bebee.com/bee/michele-williams

Milos Djukic https://www.bebee.com/@milos-djukic

Pamela L. Williams https://www.bebee.com/@pamela-williams

Pascal Derrien https://www.bebee.com/@pascal-derrien-leinster

Paul Croubalian https://www.bebee.com/bee/paul-croubalian?t=posts

Paul Walters https://www.bebee.com/@paul-walters

Pedro Gómez https://www.bebee.com/@pedro-gomez-lopez

Phillip Louis D'Amato https://www.bebee.com/@phillip-damato

Praveen Raj Gullepalli https://www.bebee.com/@praveen-raj-gullepalli

Randy Keho https://www.bebee.com/@randy-keho

Renée Cormier https://www.bebee.com/@renee-cormier

Stephane Fenner https://www.bebee.com/@stephane-fenner

Tony Rossi https://www.bebee.com/@tony-rossi

Wayne Yoshida https://www.bebee.com/bee/wayne-yoshida

Please just send a message to ambassadors@bebee.com if you want to decline your ambassadorship

beBee Ambassador Program - Terms and Conditions

How much will the equity of our beBee Ambassadors be worth

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Javier 🐝 beBee 30/12/2016 · #158

@John White, MBA @Chema M. del Hoyo list has been updated with the current ones. Thanks

Javier 🐝 beBee 12/12/2016 · #155

I updated the list CC @John White, MBA @Teresa Gezze @Chema M. del Hoyo. Thanks for your support @Don Kerr !

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Andrew Books 29/11/2016 · #154

#153 Yeah...if they let ME in, there's hope for anyone. :) Thanks @Javier beBee!

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Javier 🐝 beBee 29/11/2016 · #153

#149 @Michael Rana anyone can become an ambassador after working hard promoting beBee ... more info at www.bebee.com/ambassadors

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Juanma Romero 29/11/2016 · #152

Gracias @Javier beBee y todo el equipo. Un honor para mí y felicidades al resto de Embajadores.

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Isabel Díaz Durán 29/11/2016 · #151


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