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People Do Business With People, People Hire People - not Resumes

This is a MUST READ if you want to be more successful , if you want to sell more, if you want to find a job, if you are an entrepreneur, ......... whatever !  I am working on it, we always need to improve.... and what about you ?

People Do Business With People, People Hire People - not Resumes

Rafael Nadal has always been a gladiator that inspires me. "Vamos ! " has always been his battle cry and way of self-motivation to always get what seems to be impossible. Impossible is nothing.

People do business with people ( companies and products are made by People ) 


1.- People Do Business With People They Like

Be polite and patient. Avoid being crude, rude, gruff, or impatient. The two most powerful words in any language are “Thank you.” Saying thank you communicates that you value and appreciate the other person. Saying thank you has the power to create friendships.

2.- People are attracted to people whom they believe have their best interests at heart. Show genuinely your interest.

3.- People are attracted to people they believe are experts in their fields

You don't need to be a guru but you need to use this principle for becoming a leading expert in your field through practice, research, training, education, and study. Read and learn, learn and read. Write and teach, teach and write. Do things as writing articles on beBee Producer and write books/materials or give speeches through beBee Live Buzz that demonstrate your expertise to others, including potential customers or recruiters.

4.- People are attracted to people who are aboveboard and honest. Be open.

5.- People are attracted to people who are physically attractive, or at least not physically repulsive.

This is basic. A lot of people do not realize it. So pay attention to your personal hygiene,  eat right,  exercise, be well-groomed, dress well. You don't need huge money for this. You will be more successful.

6.- People are attracted to people who seem genuine.

The best way to establish a successful connection is to be cordial, friendly, and genuinely interested in the other person. Instead of talking about yourself and your services, ask him questions — about his job, his company, his industry, even his family and hobbies. We are humans. People do business with people. This is so evident and so many people have questioned the value of an integrated life ! . With an integrated personal and professional profile, you can connect with people based on shared hobbies, passions or interest.

7.- People are attracted to people who are like them.

You need to establish one thing you have in common with the other person — diving, kids, golf, pets, digital marketing, football, whatever  — and allow that to grow and cement the bond between you. beBee allows you to establish better and business connections.

8.- People are attracted to people who are humble. 

"This is important to do on any social networking site, not just beBee, but it’s particularly important to do on here. It is human nature for people to be focused on wanting to receive something for themselves or their business.
The best way to give to others would be to make recommendations. I see a lot of people asking for recommendations from people all the time, when they haven’t written any for others first". Preston Vander Ven

"If you want someone to comment, share, or like your posts, you need to do this for others first without the expectation of the return"Preston Vander Ven

9.- People are attracted to people who seem busy and successful.

Never say "I am unemployed". You are working daily ! Learning is a job. Looking for new opportunities is a job ! Do things. Don't expect opportunities comes alone ! Don't complain, it will not improve your situation. Move on !

10.- People are attracted to other people that make their lives easier and save them time.

11.- Improve your communication skills.

Oral (Presentations, audience awareness, critical listening ) , Written ( Professional-Level Writing, critical reading, presentation of data ) and Non-Verbal ( Personal Presentation, Body Language )

Concentrate on developing these characteristics until they come as naturally and easily as tying your shoes. 

You are a vibrant, amazing person -- much more than what's on your resume !

When you master them, I predict that you will attract more prospects, close more deals or sales, find opportunities or improve your current situation.

Nahid Hasan Sep 26, 2017 · #65

People do business with people, not with resume. This one sentence can actually tell thousand words. We always need to work hard to develop ourselves. I follow the Japanese term KAIZEN which means continuous improvements. We need to improve a little each day, which can make bigger impact in future.

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Brian McKenzie Sep 25, 2017 · #64

#63 Minotaur with a scorpion tail, packing a Soviet RPG.
I call him Pavel. 😈💥

Chas ✌️ Wyatt Sep 24, 2017 · #63

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"People are attracted to people who seem genuine." is my takeaway. Inspiring buzz.

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Brian McKenzie Sep 24, 2017 · #61

HR people incessantly want to know my spirit animal - apparently THAT is a deciding employment factor. 😒


Yes--very, very true.

Javier 🐝 CR May 31, 2017 · #59

Thanks @Greg Schwem

Javier 🐝 CR May 31, 2017 · #58

Thanks @Gert Scholtz

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