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Profede's milestones - Profede have surpassed the soft cap of $ 1.5M !

Profede's milestones - Profede have surpassed the soft cap of $ 1.5M !

Why I am so excited about Profede's protocol ?

1.- I am an advisor at Profede. The advisors team is amazing: an ex-LinkedIn Data Scientist - Ronan ex Twitter Head of Content - Christel, an ex CEO Telefonica R&D - Carlos, and our american advisor Bonnie. See all the team at https://profede.com/#team

2.- PATO (Professional Activity Token) will be used by hundreds, thousands of APPs

3.- beBee will use PATO for taking beBee to another level.  Read more at : beBee, what's next? Enter Blockchain

Profede's milestones

1.- Launching of ProfedeProfede Professional Protocol Allows Direct Professional-to-Business and Professional-to-Professional Interactions, Without The Need For Intermediaries .

2.- beBee will be the first APP to use PATO tokens.

3.- Carlos Domingo joined Profede's team of advisors. Carlos is best known as Ex CEO of Telefonica R&D and Founder and Managing Partner of SpiceVC, a liquid tokenized fund backed also by Brendan Eich (Inventor of Javascript, Founder of Mozilla, Brave) and  Eyal Herzog (Co-founder and architect of Bancor).

4.- Bonnie Normile joined Profede's team of advisors to oversee business development, marketing and public relations.

5.- Christel Quek, Ex Head of Content at Twitter comes onboard as an advisor to Profede.

6.- Profede ICO, announce that less than 2 weeks into the Pre-ICO, Profede have surpassed the soft cap of $ 1.5M

7.- Ron Bekkerman, Ex Data Scientist at LinkedIn comes onboard as an IT advisor to Profede.

More info at www.profede.com

Professionals typically have their profiles on Linkedin, as well as other professional social networks and job portals.

Thanks to blockchain technology and Profede's protocol:

● Professionals will be able to control their own data: They decide who can access their data and which parts of it.
● Professionals will get compensated in tokens for the exchange of their data.
● Professionals set their own price and therefore will feel fairly compensated every time a business gets in touch with them.
● Professionals have a portable professional profile. They will not need to rely on a centralized platform.

I am really excited about the next beBee using this protocol !!

Blockchain is a decentralizing force that puts more power in people's hands

Blockchain Is Now Aiming to Disrupt Professional Social Networks

I love the photo chosen. Vamossss

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Chris 🐝R Guest 7/3/2018 · #10

#8 Blockchain = yes
Crypto = no.

Very simple in my mind.Use the tech but ditch the casino tokens

Aleta Curry 5/3/2018 · #9

#6 #7 I'm just nodding sagely and pretending I understand it all!

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Javier 🐝 beBee 4/3/2018 · #8

Professional data and databases are valuable to companies looking to recruit, social sell,  in search of talent, and services. Companies and recruiters and LINKEDIN are making millions from professionals data. Blockchain technology has the power to change how it works today. www.profede.com

Tremendous potential!

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Javier 🐝 beBee 3/3/2018 · #7

#6 @🐝 Fatima G. Williams don't worry. It is normal. It is really complex. It tooks me more than 12 months for getting an advaced knowdledge. It is funny when I see negative comments from newbies


@Javier 🐝 beBee I'm still getting my head around this but the more I read the more I understand. Congrats to Profede team and you, Javier. beBee is going places but let's keep the engagement going and the love spreading. With my cup of honey, I'm doing just fine

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Randall Burns 2/3/2018 · #4

Great news @Javier 🐝 beBee Congratulations!

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