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Santiago Calatrava - A top architect - Loved and hated at the same time

Santiago Calatrava - A top architect - Loved and hated at the same time

Santiago Calatrava Valls (born 28 July 1951) is a Spanish neofuturistic architect and structural engineer. He has offices in New York City, Doha, and Zürich.

Calatrava's early career was largely dedicated to bridges and railway stations, with designs that elevated the status of civil engineering projects to new heights. His Montjuic Communications Tower in Barcelona, Spain (1991) in the heart of the 1992 Olympics site, as well as the Allen Lambert Galleria in Toronto, Canada (1992), were important works and turning points in his career, leading to a wide range of commissions. The Quadracci Pavilion(2001) of the Milwaukee Art Museum was his first building in the United States. Calatrava's entry into high-rise design began with an innovative 54-story-high twisting tower called Turning Torso (2005), located in Malmö, Sweden.

Calatrava has designed a neofuturistic railway station, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, at the rebuilt World Trade Center in New York City. The new PATH station and the associated transit and retail complex opened on March 3, 2016, seven years behind schedule, at a cost of $4 billion, twice the original budget. More than $1 billion of those costs went to administrative costs and the decision to build around the 1 line of the New York City Subway.

Santiago Calatrava - A top architect - Loved and hated at the same time

Calatrava has defined his style as bridging the division between structural engineering and architecture. In his projects, he claims to continue a tradition of Spanish modernist engineering that included Félix Candela, Antonio Gaudí, and Rafael Guastavino, with a very personal style that derives from numerous studies of the human body and the natural world. 

Calatrava is loved and hated at the same time.  I think this is part of his success.  Anyway Calatrava is a very succesful spanish architect and one of the top ones.

Santiago Calatrava, the world's most hated architect?


Calatrava's projects

You can see all Calatrava's projects at http://www.calatrava.com/projects.html?all=yes

14 Stunning Structures by Santiago Calatrava



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Santiago Calatrava - A top architect - Loved and hated at the same time

Claire L Cardwell 27/11/2016 · #17

I love Santiago Calatrava's style - however I think that this building is very similar to the Lyon Airport Station he designed a few years back.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 26/11/2016 · #14

I admire him. An architect with a doctorate in civil engineering. He stretched the boundaries between architecture and engineering.

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Javier 🐝 beBee 23/11/2016 · #13

#12 @Franci Eugenia Hoffman exactly. That is the reason why Santiago Calatrava is so criticized ! Cost are usually much more higher and maintenance is very expensive.

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Stunning architectural design but I wonder about how diificult the structures are to maintain.

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Thanks @Javier beBee. Interesting!

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 23/11/2016 · #9

The Starchitecture phenomenon is very interesting. It is natural to think big, bold, challenging, showy for public spaces, but really what matters to most of us is livability and that is in short supply when it comes to a thriving career for a great architect.

I would love for beBee to be the sort of place where we could have these kinds of discussions and have some folks from Malmo could chime in about their experiences living in one of his buildings or as part of the community affected by a tourist-quality residence.

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