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Android Tablets: Making Desktop PCs Outdated

    Probably those days are not far away when desktop computers/PCs would be treated as outdated. This is not absurd thinking, as the expanding sales of tablet computers, especially android tablets, suggests.

    Android Tablets: Making Desktop PCs Outdated

    The war against desktops computers by tablets got its inception since the launching of Apple Company’s iPad. This iPad introduced a new product category, namely tablets, in the computer market. Actually a tablet computer is a modified, reduced version of the desktop computer. It is smaller in screen size, storage volume, and entire product size. It consumes less power, memory (RAM) and processor capability. As a result of its smaller size and weight, it is easily portable like a mobile phone.

    Although the winning steps for tablet started by iPad, other companies took the tablet products forward by selling more and more tablets in the market. Currently, there are several renowned manufactures of tablet computers.

    Tablet computers got very popular among the people within a very short time. This popularity is achieved by tablets because of some interesting, attractive and convenient features of tablets. Such as,

    · Tablets are very much portable like mobile or smartphone,

    · They consume very low power quite the same as smartphones,

    · Tablets can be used as an alternative to mobile phone as they have built-in 3G or 4G mobile devices,

    · Tablets have all the features of Desktop computers like internet browsing, facilities for installing any new compatible software, utilities, add-ons, etc.

    So with all these excellent features, a tablet can alone do the job of desktop and smartphone/ mobile. That is why it is very much realistic to say that in the near future tablets will make desktops outdated.

    This phenomenal achievement of tablets would not be possible if only Apple kept playing in the market with its iPad. iPad from its very beginning had been very expensive compared to desktops. Still, now it is hard for a middle income grouped people of Asian and African countries to own an iPad.

    To entertain people with a conveniently priced tablet, Google introduced android tablets that run on the Android operating system (OS). Moreover, Google made this android operating system open for all, so that anyone can use this android OS on his/her hardware. As a result, having been attracted by the free usability of android OS several electronic device manufactures started making tablets. Even some very little known hardware manufacturers released their own Android tablets. The fierce competition among these companies brought down the price of tablets dramatically. This credit clearly goes to android tablets, tablets that run on the Android operating system.

    Android tablets were made available in the market by Google. At that time the brand name was

    “Google Nexus”. Actually this “Google Nexus” branded tablets are popularly known as “Google android tablets”.

    Besides Google Nexus tablets, several other manufacturers’ tablets are available in the market. Interestingly the most selling android tablet is not made by Google. It is the “Galaxy Tab” from Samsung, a renowned South Korean manufacturer. According to the sales data, the Galaxy Tab is the most sold tablet brand.

    To go with the majority of people and sales data, the Galaxy Tab should be considered as the best android tablet.

    One of the main reasons behind the huge popularity of android tablets is the “android tablet apps”. These apps, very much like computer software, can be installed in any tablet that runs on android OS. Google hosts a special online market place, named Google play (play.google.com), where numerous types of android apps are available, compatible with both smartphones and tablets running on Android OS. Both free and paid apps are available on this site. This android apps range from games, utilities, social networking, and office packages to even spying purpose apps.

    No doubt, the desktops are very much endangered in the current scenario. If the current popularity of tablets continues, desktops are probably going to be placed in the museums.

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