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Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturers Describe It’s Construction, Benefits & Applications

Take a look on basic construction of hydraulic cylinder and why it is used in fluid power application? It is used to convert the pressure of hydraulic fluid to high force linear flow or movement. Hydraulic actuator provides the linear movement is a cylinder. The extended or retracting motion of piston or ram is provided by this actuator within the cylinder. Power stroke is the movement of piston/ram out of the cylinder. Generally the retraction motion is not loaded in long stroke cylinders. So the power stroke will be limited by its strength.

“The normal loading condition in piston/ram is the fluid flow rate divided by the cross section area of the piston side under pressure.”

These products are popular for motion control field with advance composite cylinder tubing material. Other than this, Indian manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders provide particular cylinder part if needed – from a simple tube cut to length for assemble and customised design according to specification.

Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturers Describe It’s Construction, Benefits & Applications

Cylinder’s Benefits :

· Lower in weight than aluminium

· Corrosion resistance, allowing use in caustic environments

· Non-conductive

· Low friction for reduced seal wear

· Improved impact resistance

· Enhanced impingement resistance - resists denting

Other applications :

· Actuators for valves

· Respirators for medical applications

· Hydraulic actuators for aircraft

· Pressure pumps for spray applications

· Waste water treatment flow control mechanisms

· Fluid shock absorption or energy diversion

· Dump mechanisms for railroad cars

Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturers Describe It’s Construction, Benefits & Applications

Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturers Describe It’s Construction, Benefits & Applications

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Construction :

It contains five basic parts : two end caps with port connection (a base cap & a bearing cap), a piston, cylinder tube(barrel) & the rod itself. The basic model has the end caps and pistons remain as the same, but the length of same diameter cylinder may be varied. End caps are made from iron or aluminium and they incorporate threaded entries for ports. The cylinder tube’s inner surface is smooth to prevent leakage. Pistons are made with cast iron or steel. Piston transmits force to the rod and maintains its position and stability with bearing surface and dynamic seal to ensure separation between high and low pressure side.

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