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Odoo Automation Testing-The Key Towards Right Automation Testing Strategy

Imagine a scenario where you have developed a full-fledged Odoo application focusing on each and every feature. It is the best application that has been built keeping user-experience in mind. Technically you are satisfied with the performance and result of the application. You have performed all the necessary testing on your application. So you finally decide to proceed further to launch your Odoo application.

Odoo Automation Testing-The Key Towards Right Automation Testing Strategy

Now as your application is launched in the market, suddenly you are welcomed with a list of issues. As a developer, you must be thinking that everything was working well so from where these issues came, right? Let me discuss some of the most common reasons that may be the cause of these issues:

  • Odoo application is not user-friendly

  • Technically it may be sound and easy for you to understand but not for end users

  • Turn-around time of your application is high

  • At some point, data breach issues may occur in absence of rigorous testing and many more.

So how to deal with this? Rather looking for a temporary solution you must think of a solution that can permanently help you in detecting such issues and help in eliminating it.

The best thing could be done is implementing right automation testing strategy. This can majorly help you in 3 ways as compared to the manual testing:

  • Cut down cost and efforts in testing process by building Odoo Test Automation Framework

  • Confirm the functionalities of Odoo application by making testing process repeatable

  • Reusing test automation framework when updated with new test cases and can be used for any other testing project.

Role of Test Automation Strategy:

  • Multifaceted testing covering entire spectrum of functionalities

  • Ensuring flawless performance of application