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Every day is women’s day – Salute to all women

Can you imagine a day without a woman in your life? I bet you can’t. If you stay at home your mom wakes you up, cooks for you and does all that you just think about. If you are married your wife does the chores for you. Our every day starts with a woman and ends with one. But when it comes to thanking her you simply forget about it. On the occasion of women’s day, I being a woman myself ask everyone a single question how often have you thanked all the women in your life for their contribution to make you the person you are today?

Most of you would just shrug your shoulders, but it is a fact that you end up taking the most important people in your life for granted as they are always around you to pickup all the pieces and help you when you need it the most. In my childhood I often heard from the elders of my area that women always follow men and that is why they are not as important as the men. Well, when I asked the same to my grandpa he just laughed and that was all the reply I needed or I must say a reminder as from a very young age I has heard him call my grandma the woman of the house.

Now, after 18 years I have realized why women follow men and it is just to support them and pull them up when they fall. Today we often hear the word homemaker for the mom’s who do not work. Well, let me remind you that it is a very beautiful word and homemaking is not an easy task. You might work for 9-10 hours a day but she works 24 hours without breaking a sweat. She never complains or gets frustrated so why not you return the favor by helping her out. It won’t hurt at all. She might have had other dreams but yet she chose the toughest one to be a homemaker and indeed it is a noble profession.

I have had various questions around the society bias that every woman has to face. I wonder why do we get to see glaring eyes when we sit comfortably and not the men, don’t we have the right to sit comfortably. Or why are boys said to not cry like girls, how are tears gender specific. And the cherry on the cake why do you do kanyadaan during marriage, I mean are we commodities that should be given away. Well, these are just a few of my thoughts that I think should be addressed to. Everyone is talking about women empowerment and saying that we are becoming equal. But are we? I have my doubts. We still consider women to be the second best as if we have resigned to the fact that women cannot lead.

But this women’s day lets change this thought and start a new trend. A trend that my family always followed. Wondering what? Well, the men of my family did not consider women to be equal but to be superior as they behold the future, past and the present. My father always told me that never think that you are here to match the men but rather you can out do them and create your own path. Women it is very necessary that you be yourself and not submit yourself to the norms of the society as our society is still a male dominated one and yes it might be changing but the change is not rapid. And to all the men giving rest to all the women in your life for just a day is not enough rather share the work with her, thank her not on this particular day but everyday of your life as she makes your everyday a little bit easier.

Most of you still might not be convinced, well let me ask you something how often do you call out to your wife, mother or sister when you are not able to find any of your stuff. I guess always. Well, if it wasn’t for them you would have been late to office each day. So, it is very important that you thank them everyday as they not only make your life easy but also supports you and stands by you strong so that you do not fall rather just lean on her instead.

Let’s celebrate this day not to just thank all the women but to also bridge in the gender gap that has been created by our ancestors and give the respect to our strength and support, respect that they well deserve. Every day is women’s day – Salute to all women

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