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Marriage Versus Live In Relationships – Which Is Better?

Marriage Versus Live In Relationships – Which Is Better?There was a time when live in relationship in India was considered a sin. Though am not saying that this thinking has completely changed but people now a days have become more open to the concept. Living in a metro city I usually see couples renting flat and staying together before marriage. I never understood why the rules were so strict earlier as live in relationships has its benefits as well. Staying with the person you love under the same roof helps you to understand his life style and also brings the two of you closer. On this point my aunt once said that if you want to know him why not find someone from the matrimonial site and spend time with him than living in with someone you think you love.

You might say that what is the need for knowing the person before hand when you can know everything about your man after marriage, but I feel it is always better to know about the person enough to even decide to get married to him because marriage is a commitment for life and you should never settle for less when you deserve the best. If I take my mother’s point of view into consideration she thinks that live in relationships are a good way to know whether the man you are in love with is a keeper or not because even if you are not married and living together you still have to compromise for each other at times.

Marriage versus live in relationships is one of the oldest debate that has no conclusion as per my knowledge because you cannot decide which side you are on. You cannot completely support live in relationship nor go completely against marriage. So let’s review both the topics separately first.

Marriage Versus Live In Relationships – Pros And Cons

Living together without being legally married can be reassuring considering independence and even commitment at times. Well, I know many people find this a little less romantic and comforting than actually being married to their partner, this point actually proves to be a solid argument when it comes to how people perceive constraints.

As per my perspective, two individuals who decide to share their life together and decides to move under the same roof might just do it impulsively at first, but not so much in the long run. I have also heard of couples who have broken up after actually living together. Although some might say that its easy to do or rather frivolous in terms of commitment but again the couples who decide to persevere their relationship and remain together without any legal ties are still going strong and are together.

The part about live in relations that I love is that these couples rarely fear of having to divide assets, about the change in their marital status and the manner in which these things would affect their image, be it from a personal or professional perspective. In contrast to this I have seen married couples stuck in loveless and unhappy relationships due to these simple reasons and if I talk about India well there is another reason and that is “What will the society say”.

In India society has always decided what a couple whose relationship has fallen apart should do. In a way, I would say who willingly commits to living in with you proves more in regard to dedication and interest than someone who does the same because of a paper that they signed at court. Yet, this point is rarely observed or valued and most people simply claim that unmarried couple living together usually suffer from insecurities when it comes to staying together for a lifetime.

Besides personal interests or preference, there is an issue that I would always give the highest preference to as it can bring grave negative psychological consequences. The children who are born outside of marriage are not accepted by the society in a good way and it can be very bad for the child’s growth. While it might not be a big matter for the parents but the child might suffer unnecessarily mainly if he lives in India and the religion he is of may not matter.

The topic of having and raising a child outside matrimony still remains a taboo in many parts of the world including India. Society’s view on this matter gravely influences how other people around the kid perceive and act to this. Even in states that promote freedom on a very high scale, we can find cases of children and teenagers being bullied for just being born “out of wedlock”.


Many may say that in live in relations you do not have to go through a long and never ending legal path if you want out of the loveless relation you can just pick up your stuff and leave but it is not same when you are married but think again what you want to do as marriage has many good points and a few negative points and so does live in relationship but one point that is common among both of them is the prospective of the society that you have to consider each time as humans are at the end social beings.

I think it's best to live with them before marrying, however, this isn't always ideal. Seems once vows are taken, some take the relationship for granted and become complacent.

Yep, to each their own.

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rishav raj 7/7/2018 · #7

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Jayita Neogi 21/6/2018 · #6

#5 So, it is mostly 'to each its own'

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Claire L Cardwell 20/6/2018 · #5

#4 That can happen @Jayita Neogi - people often relax and develop a sense of complacency...

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Jayita Neogi 20/6/2018 · #4

#3 I agree but again do you still know them you might know their lifestyle but may be after marriage you see that they take a complete U-turn.

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Claire L Cardwell 19/6/2018 · #3

I think it's best to live with someone first before you marry them @Jayita Neogi, you can never truly know someone unless you live under the same roof as them for at least 6 months!

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Jayita Neogi 15/6/2018 · #2

#1 I agree, that is the reason I concluded its is a personal choice

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Brian McKenzie 15/6/2018 · #1

Men, neither is safe. Take a long hard look at the performance and precedence of divorce and false DV claims. Do not step into the trap. #MGTOW

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