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Get Rid Of Oily Skin Once And For All

Being born with oily skin may feel as if you’ve been cursed to have to deal with the grease for a lifetime.  However, before you start a litany of the difficulties that your oily skin is giving you, start counting the ways why oily skin can be a blessing too. You know what the most important reason of all is?  Oily skin makes your skin more resistant to damage, wrinkles and other multiple signs of aging.

Seriously, did you think that people with drier skin are having a walk in the clouds?  Of course not!  Everybody’s got their own skin issues to deal with.  The ultimate game changer is how you’re able to manage your oily skin well.

Get Rid Of Oily Skin Once And For All

How do you manage oily skin?

When you have oily skin, there are several pitfalls that you don’t want to fall into.  The most difficult skin condition that you might encounter if you mismanage your skin is acne.  Then, your first priority is to get rid of the cysts and stop the infection.  Then, because acne can leave scars and dark marks, your next skincare objective is to brighten your complexion.  The second phase can be easily achieved using a good skin brightening cream.  There are also skin lightening procedures, like Cosmelan, which can help you bring back your complexion to its flawless state.

As much as you can help it, however, you don’t want to be in a corrective position.  With simple tips to take better care of your oily skin, you should be able to love and enjoy your skin — it’s the only one you’ll ever get.  Listed below are some quick tips to help you address the downside of having oily skin.

1.  Read the labels on your products.

 Where you see alcohol denat. (denatured alcohol) as the primary solvent, fragrances, colorants and many synthetic chemicals can strip off your skin off its natural oils.  As a result, your skin overcompensates for the lost moisture by producing more oil.  A good exercise is to check your sunscreen.  Sunscreens can have the most toxic formulations.  The white streaks they leave smeared on your face sometimes do more than just cake your makeup or sting your skin.  These toxic formulations can affect the way your skin behaves.  Where you see harmful ingredients, stop using that product.

2.  Assess your skin. 

Do a little bit of digging on your skin.  Be more observant about what makes it tick — is it the weather?  Could it be your foundation?  Also, factors such as your age can also be a major contributor in making your skin greasy. Hormonal changes, particularly during puberty and menopause, shoots up your skin oil out of proportion.  That’s because, during these times, your hormones are constantly fluctuating, with androgens, the male hormones that cause oily skin, seemingly unregulated.  If hormones are the culprit, you might need your physician’s help to get medication that will affect how your hormones behave.

3.  Try oil cleansing.  

Oil on oil?  Don’t be afraid to use it on your oily skin.  In fact, oil cleansing advocates argue that excess oil on the surface of your skin will more easily adhere with oil in your routine.  Sounds logical, right?  Somehow, products, for a long time, have got consumers believing that the best way to deal with oily skin is by using drying ingredients like alcohol — Wrong!  In fact, alcohol does leave your skin mattified only for a few hours until it becomes greasier