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How To Look Beautiful In Your 40s

Growing older is an inescapable reality — one that you can either embrace wholeheartedly but certainly not something that you can run away from. Turning 40 can be a tough point of your life. Your children may be able to take care of their essential needs but, they’re still not quite independent from you. At this stage, even your parents and in-laws are probably depending on you for their own needs.

Simply put, 40 is still going to be just like when you were 30. While the one thing constant is change, there are changes you’ll welcome and some not, that includes changes in your skin. In your 40s, it’s a good time to take advantage of Strivectin’s NIA-114 technology for anti-aging. However, it also wouldn’t hurt to know several makeup tricks that can stave off years from your face.

How To Look Beautiful In Your 40s

Top 8 tips to stay beautiful at 40

You’ll be surprised to know what you’ll find in this list so keep reading:

1. Always give yourself 7 up to 8 hours of sleep every night. Your body follows a set circadian rhythm that makes it behave in certain ways at certain hours of the day. Cellular repair is at its peak while you sleep. So, next time you plan to stay up late, think about the aching joints your body can’t treat and the wrinkles it won’t be able to turnover.

2. Make sun protection a priority. Don’t skip your sunscreen. UV rays can and will make irreversible damages to your skin. Keep skin cancer a remote possibility, and minimize sun damage on your skin.

3. Live healthier. Your metabolism is simply not as efficient as it used to be. Studies have shown how eating less may be correlated with longevity. The reason is because your body needs less energy as you age. When your body organs are overused, including your heart, lungs and colon, you are increasing your risk for developing chronic diseases like diabetes or cancer. So, eat less, keep moving and stay away from vices.

4. Have a sunnier disposition inside and out. What you are and what you keep inside eventually shows up on your face. If you want to stay younger for longer, then you should train yourself to become more optimistic, more patient, and have a higher level of tolerance understanding peoples’ different preferences, values and character.

5. Keep to a skincare routine that fits your skin type and age. Stick to the basics of caring for skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. If you haven’t already explored the power of essential oils and retinol in keeping your skin supple and glowing, now will be the best time to reach out for these two products.

6. Wear less makeup. To dispel the age old myth that more makeup should be worn to cover up the growing skin imperfections that comes with age, you should know that less is more. Follow makeup tricks that help you achieve skin perfection with less makeup. Besides,