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Is There Any Difference Between Anti Aging Serum & Cream

Is There Any Difference Between Anti Aging Serum & Creamsource : womenfitness

While many people have grown brand loyalty for a specific anti-aging product and have used it for years, only a few probably have so far appreciated why a cream is a cream, and why a serum is a serum. Probably even fewer really appreciate the difference.

So, if you’re on an anti-aging regimen or, contemplating on getting on one, among the most basic know-why you should learn is the difference between a cream and a serum. We give you the lowdown on these two anti-aging superstars below.

The three main differences between a serum and a cream

Anti-aging serums are mostly water-based while creams are oil-based. That said, women and men with oily to combination skin types will find serums more comfortable on their skin. That’s not to say that those with dry skin can’t benefit from a serum! However, those with dry skin or who are coping with aged skin, which is naturally dry, may need to apply a cream-based anti-wrinkle cream after letting the serum seep through.

Is There Any Difference Between Anti Aging Serum & Cream

Anti-aging serums penetrates the skin better than cream-based anti-aging products. You can simply compare the look, feel and texture of serums and creams, and you can readily tell that the lightweight property of the serum will be able to reach the deeper layers of your skin much better than a cream can. That means, serums deliver the beneficial ingredients in your product’s formulation in the deeper, subcutaneous layers of your skin while the oil in creams mostly trap these ingredients on the surface.

Anti-aging serums normally are more expensive than creams. Serums contain higher concentrations of beneficial skin ingredients like peptides, collagen, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and retinol. Creams, on the other hand, are often heavy on the emollients and skin conditioners, and contain trace amounts of the ingredients that make positive impacts to your skin over the longer term.

These said, there’s no doubt adding an anti-aging serum, to care for and treat your mature, aging skin is a must-have.

What your anti-aging serum must have

Anti-aging serums, like the Encante Serum, will often make bold promises about vanishing your wrinkles and clearing up your skin imperfections for good. While it’s easy to be sweet talked into buying in to these products, there are some basic ingredients in an anti-aging serum you should be on the look out for.

These ingredients are hardly any different from the products you look for in anti-aging creams — peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and skin brightening ingredients. But, remember, you get more of these — both in volume and concentration — when you derive it from a serum.

Is There Any Difference Between Anti Aging Serum & Cream


There’s more research called for in the future in as far as anti-aging skincare is concerned. However, since R&D will take time, and your skin ages without delay, it’s only right to take action now, and a serum clearly offers you a deal you can’t refuse.

Reference : The Beauty Insiders

Brian Brandt 20/10/2016 · #6

You have to pay to play. I don't worry about "outlandish" claims, I buy based on ingredient content and clinical results. In the States, we have product lines sold by dermatologists that are not available OTC. If you have to buy OTC, there is no substitute for Natura Bisse and La Prarie. What if you can't spend? Nutrition, exercise, avoiding sunlight and plenty of water, rest, and positive thinking. After that, creams and serums only go so far. There are ever-emerging less-and-less invasive treatments for the face. Dermabrasions, lasers, peels, fillers, etc. Eventually, though, the teeth and eyes need whitening; the eye bags need removal; the lips need pumpng; and the cheeks need primping. Right now, I get by on olive oil and attitude...and a little help from my friends (Natura Bisse and La Prarie!).

Jamie Davis 20/10/2016 · #5

I wondered about the differences, thank you for clearing things up ☺

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Thanks @jazz pollard! I'll take all the info I can get on anti-aging products. :)

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