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5 Ways To…Improve Customer Communications

5 Ways To…Improve Customer Communications

Keeping the lines of communication open is key to building and maintaining your business’s brand.

Five Tips to Improve Your Customer Communications

1. Make it easy for your customers to reach you.

Customers have different communication preferences. While email, social media and online chat are all widely used, many customers still prefer to pick up the phone. Do you provide different contact options? Make it easy for your customers to reach out to you however they want.

2. Be there.

24/7 customer service is an expectation in today’s always-connected world. Whether it’s offering round-the-clock call center service or utilizing social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook, your customers need to know that you will always be there to answer their questions or resolve their issues. Make it easy for your customers to connect with you whenever it’s convenient for them.

3. Treat your customers like real people.

Ask someone about a negative customer service interaction they’ve experienced, and they’ll likely tell you that when they had an issue, question, or concern, the employee they reached out to seemed disinterested or insincere. Customers want and expect to have authentic, productive conversations.

4. Encourage and respond to feedback.

Customers will stop engaging with your brand if they don’t believe that their opinions matter. Encourage your customers to provide feedback and let them know what you’ll do with the information they’ve provided.

5. Follow up. Always.

Communications with your customers shouldn't end once the deal is done. Following up to ensure their satisfaction, or to answer any questions will paint your business in a positive light.