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Finding your brand voice

Finding your brand voiceEvery brand has a voice. A brand voice speaks to the image you portray when communicating your message to the world. Every time you connect with others,  you’re exercising your brand voice.

Your brand voice encompasses everything from the words and tone you use, to the personality and image your business portrays. Your brand voice is key to ensuring that your message cuts through the clutter and makes a lasting impression on both existing and potential customers.

Why does a "brand voice" matter? A consistently applied brand voice allows your business to be recognizable, authoritative and trustworthy. 

4 steps to define and promote your brand voice

1. Review your existing content

Invite your content creators to examine everything from video scripts to web pages, blogs and social media posts. The goal is to find examples of existing content that speak to your unique brand.

What "personality" traits make your business different from the competition?

Let’s take a look at three sample adjectives that could be used to describe a company's brand voice:

  • Passionate
  • Quirky
  • Authentic

Define each one further. How do these characteristics come across in the content you’re creating? 

  • Passionate – expressive, enthusiastic, heartfelt, action-oriented
  • Quirky – irreverent, unexpected, contrarian
  • Authentic – genuine, trustworthy, engaging, direct

2. Plot a course

Next, create a chart to outline how each trait should and shouldn’t be used in your communications. 

3. Put your brand voice into action

Ok, so you’ve defined your brand voice and documented how to use it. The next step is to meet with everyone who creates content and walk them through the chart.

Review some current communications and show how you would revise them to better reflect your defined brand voice. Ensure that the chart is readily available (print and/or online) for future reference.

4. Revisit and refresh your voice

Don't forget to meet with your content creators regularly to see what is, or isn't working. Again, take the time to review recent content samples. Revisit and revamp your brand voice chart as necessary.