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What does the future of the Internet hold?

What does the future of the Internet hold?
For the past 30 years, the Internet has shaped our world in ways big and small. New devices and technology continue to provide even more ways to connect wherever and whenever we want.

The perception that the Internet is "all-seeing, all-knowing" has left some feeling anxious about the future of the Internet. Many people question whether the Internet has had a positive or negative impact on our world. While some reject the globalized world the Internet has fostered, others see it as an opportunity.

The Internet of the future will drive a host of services and technologies that will revolutionize people’s daily lives. The challenge is balancing our dependence on technology with the need to manage issues such as privacy and security.

How can we manage the future of the Internet?

The Internet of the future is everyone’s responsibility.

1.      Ensure that ethical standards are at the heart of all emerging technologies

2.      While the Internet must continue to be open, individuals should be able to communicate securely and confidentially

3.      Users must be able to manage their own data – how it’s accessed, collected and shared.

4.      The Internet of the future should be a safe place, free from online harassment.

The Internet has and will continue to be a key driver of human development and evolution. Let’s all work together to ensure it remains open, safe and collaborative.

“Life involves understanding in many different areas and you have to use the interrelationship between those areas to do new exciting things.” ~ Tim Berners-Lee