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Top 6 Qualities of Great Managers

Good Top Managers are hard enough to find, and Great Managers are so rarer.  Not surprisingly, Great Managers require a lot more than the ability to manage. The rewards for having Great Managers are not only in productivity gains, but also the ability to implement a demanding vision, resolving conflicts while managing people.

Here are the top 6 qualities of Great Managers:

1. Listening actively is the first quality of Great Managers.

Great Managers clear their mind of any preconceived ideas and pay attention to what is being said beneath the words. They focus on the message behind the words, rather than the words themselves.  They consider both what the speaker is thinking and what the speaker is feeling.  They give importance to people because all people have meaning and tend to hear what is not said.

2. Great Managers have high levels of effective communication.

90% of our time spent in doing communication. Great Managers give timely the right levels of information in the right place and leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. They allow the speaker to communicate without any interruption, until the speaker concludes. They ask questions if they feel that they need more information and allow the speaker to further clarify explanation. They provide feedback with honesty, and with respect for the speaker.

3. Persuasion is an essential trait of high performing Great Managers.

Great Managers seem open themselves to conviction in order to convince others. They persuade by the right word rather than by the right argument. They must appeal to interest rather than to intellect. Their sound is so powerful.

4. Negotiation is the most quality of Great Managers.

Great managers observe everything. They know what they want, go after it, and respect the other person in the process. They do not take anything personally. They leave personalities out of negotiation in order to seize opportunities more objectively. They strip it of the emotion and deal with facts. They disagree without being disagreeable, and they are not too tough in the negotiations.

5. Discretion is a vital quality of Great Managers.