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What You Don’t Know About What Others Are Saying Online About You Online Could Ruin Your Rep

Google says this about your reputation: "Your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you -- whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update."

In a nutshell, your online reputation is made up of everything about your business which exists online. Regardless whom this information is posted by. The range of materials which could potentially impact your business’ online reputation is much broader than you might realize at first. Also, negative issues, which may have arisen through mistakes and the miscommunication of others, can ripple throughout the Internet in surprising ways which can change and/or damage your reputation overnight.

What You Don’t Know About What Others Are Saying Online About You Online Could Ruin Your Rep
Says Google - Here are some components of your online reputation:

# Comments about your business on social media sites.
# Comments made by your competition on social sites and blogs
# Comments made by employees and customers
# Images of your business online
# Videos about your business (Good or Bad) on YouTube and elsewhere
# Posts and articles published online about your business by others
# Geo-location information broadcast through online services

Geo-location services includes comments and reviews posted about you or your business on sites like Foursquare and Yelp. 

What does the phrase 'Good Reputation' actually mean today?

Although ‘good reputation’ is a phrase it would seem most people know and understand, “it ain’t necessarily so" in todays changed social world and the Internet.

Your good reputation is still the v