Dilema with ANT and HONEY BEE!

Dilema with ANT and HONEY BEE!

One fine morning, a worker Bee was busy in collecting the nectar of a flower and a worker ant was moving upward from the base of the flower. Suddenly they met, they were old friends.

Ant: Hey what’s up buddy? How are you?

Bee: ya! I am good! What about you?

Ant: I am not so good. I am in great pain.

Bee: Why ? what happened to you?

Ant: Nothing happened to me dear. But some of my friends are dying in different parts of the world.

Bee: What? How?

Ant: Owing to human activities. There nuisances crossed all the limits. Previously, they use to kill us by smashing us under their boots while walking or running by mistakes. But now days , they bombard some places , they are firing randomly. Many of my friends lost their lives due to these activities and some are homeless.

Bee: Ya!. I came to know about such incidents. Even some of my friends suffered these a lot. But why human beings do these? I think they loses their life too.

Ant: Of course they lose. One human used to kill another one.

Bee: But why?

Ant: I don’t know why! But once I heard that, peoples are facing problems owing to their caste system. Though, I am not sure.

Bee: ya! Its OK… but we too have caste system. Even caste system is predominantly present in you species as well. But we don't face such problems! I have never heard that, one bee is making a plan to kill another bee or an ant planing to kill another ant! Then why human beings?

Ant: Oh! Listen. Our caste system is based on our work. Their caste system was based on their religion. There lies the difference.

Bee: OK. Now , I got it.But why you are looking so tensed today?

Ant: Ya. Its Monsoon you know. We used to gather food this time for future. You know that right? Once I told you that.

Bee: Yes. Once you told me that. I forgot.

Ant: You bees are too lucky. You guys doesn’t have to face those situations.

Bee: Ya! That's true. But that doesn’t mean that you are not so lucky. You are also lucky.

Ant: Nope. You bees are so popular.! You are a special social insect! You will not understand our pain!

Bee: Relax buddy! You too are a social insect.

Ant: But you are the most popular one.

Bee: Ya! That’s true! May be due to our special capacity of producing honey!

Ant : May be? I am sure, that is the reason of your popularity. Do you know even in social media people uses you as a metaphor. Even there is a platform in social media, which is named after you.

Bee: Oh! Really! I am honored. But why people do so? I am just a small insect!

Ant:Size doesn’t matter my friend! You produces honey! That’s enough! They love your honey!

Bee: Ah! May be! But sometime , I regret for this ability too!

Ant: Why?

Bee: Because people used to collect it from our hives even without our permission! Even they killed us brutally to collect the honey. Ya! My friend ! you said it right! They just love the honey! But not the honey bee!

Ant: But why you guys don't react?

Bee: Who says this to you? We react . Some of the bee stinged them badly but once.

Ant: Once? But why?

Bees: Because after stinged once at a time, we die! The bees who stinged, all are dead now!

Ant: What? Oh! God! Why you bee dies all the time??

Bees: What?

Ant: Yes. During Nuptial flight the Drone loses its life after mating, even after stinging bees die… I mean what’s wrong with you guys?

Bee: Nothing. This is the evolution of being a special insect I think! These are also the reasons why we are so special.

Ant: Yes! You are right! Once I thought that that I will try to produce honey! But before that , I need two pairs of wings to fly and I have to build a hive too like you!

Bee: So you tried?

Ant: No. One of my friend tried this. He was able to developed a pair of wings only! But not the honey! He failed!

Bee: This is because you want to fake us. Be yourself. Do whatever you are capable of doing. But don’t copy others.

Ant: But why? Human beings do this perfectly. Right? So, why should not I?

Bee: Because in the whole universe faking copyright belongs to them only. It is their property. No other organism are able to fake like them.

Ant: But why?

Bee: Because they are the most advanced creature in the world!

Ant: Oh! I understood.

Bee: Lets change the topic. So, what kind of food you collect today? Show me!

Ant: No. I didn’t collect yet! I planed to collect it from this flower, but you came first , so you take your nectar from here. I will find some other sources!

Bee: No relax. Today I have collected a lot, now I am looking for extra. So you take it from this flower. I will find some other one for the extra!

Ant: No. No. Its OK. You take it from here, you came first my friend!

Bee: Its OK. It is luxury for me now, but in your cases its necessity!

Ant: Thank you my friend. But I saw some of your friends here and there. They are roaming around you. They will punish you, if you do this favor to me.

Bee: No. They won’t. They are Honey bee, not the human beings! They won’t punish me if I sacrifice my luxury to provide someone’s necessity! So relax.

Ant: No. Its not like that my friend! The term humanity came from human’s behavior. Don’t forget these.

Bee: No ant. Its not like that too. Now days, they are selling humanity to buy the copyright of faking for mundane luxury my friend! This is one of the main reason behind their  fighting!

Ant: Oh! Really! May be! I am not aware of this!

But, my friend, thank you so much for the food. I needed it badly. Today I realized why the friend proverb is so popular!

Bee: Which proverb my friend?

Ant: A friend in need a friend in deed!

Bee: Oh! I got it.

Now, its time to say you good bye my friend! Its too late now. I have to go.

Ant: Ya! Surely! Even I have to do a lot of work today! You know its Monsoon….So bye. See you again.

Bee: Indeed! My friend! Bye.

The bee flew away in search of another food source and the ant become busy in collecting its own food .

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