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We human beings are amazing and most advanced creatures in this planet Earth. Where we believe “I” is the most important factor! When we are disturbed or annoyed with anything we generally used a statement at the end of that annoying or disturbing discussion is that “leave me alone”. What that statement actually means? What does it signify? At that moment are we feel better if someone leaves us alone? Or we just pretend that we will be happy?

According to me, no one in this universe can live alone. It is a bit impossible because there are different factors is present surrounding us which take different shades of color with time. Either you are struggling with your present or you are planning to make your future better or you are still living in your past, where external features and internal characters playing a conflicting role and time is the catalyst!

Even an atom molecule does not live alone, it requires electron at least one in its orbit and from an electron’s point of view as well an atom is required to maintain its existence. The positively charged nucleus is balanced by the negatively charged electron and vice versa. With time, an atom gets excited to donate or to accept an electron, where the internal factor is the atom’s nucleus itself and the external factor could be pressure, temperature or UV ray.

During course of evolution as well, when the first living cell established the form of life in this planet, various internal and external factors plays the major role! With time, from the mass of fire, earth cooled and settles down and forms those three layers by virtue of which origin of life is possible. The external factors were the surroundings of the earth’s crust, and the internal factor was the core and mantle and they are all gradually evolves with time!

When a new born is expelled from the birth canal its Central Nervous System reacts to the sudden change in temperature and environment. This triggers it to take the first breathe within about 10 seconds after delivery. With, the first breathe, there is a fall in Pulmonary vascular resistance and increases the surface area available for gaseous exchange. During birth as well, to take the first oxygen molecule from external environment a baby needs internal changes too and within the first 30 seconds if the baby do not cry, it becomes fatal; so time is a crucial factor too!

At the time of death as well, when a person is going to leave all his wealth, friends and everything, we generally thinks that he will now able to live alone in peace in his own dead world, certainly Rigor Mortis attacks the body after 4 hours or so. When a person stopped taking external oxygen in to his body, then the internal changes also take place stiffening of the joints and muscles of the body a few hours after death occurs due to a loss of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from the body’s muscle. Even after death, time will not leave you alone. After 4 hours rigor mortis appears just to confirm that you are not alone after death as well, sudden factors are still on progress.

So it is evident that the ‘I’ within us is not as important as we think as it is not the controlling factor. The important thing is all the surrounding factors and time. When we closed ourselves in a room after making that statement “leave me alone!”, we are not actually living alone , we are living in the past at that time , we are either regretting or feeling devastated due to either our mistakes or due to other’s mistakes. Leaving or Living alone arises more problems, solution lies within the discussion, I believe it.

Still we often make a statement externally “leave me alone” where most of the time we actually may mean that “don’t leave me alone” internally, where situation and time plays the evil role of a villain!

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#7 well said madam @Irene Hackett... nice quote..totally agreed! thank you!

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#6 Thank you madam @Donna-Luisa Eversley for this appreciating comment!

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Irene Hackett 9/10/2016 · #7

"No man is an island." ~John Donne. Nice buzz @Jeet Sarkar

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Quite profound @Jeet one really wants to be alone, but it's easy to say. Hmm... Good post

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#4 thank you sir Kylon Powell for making a lovely comment!

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Great article! We've all said "Leave Me Alone" many times throughout our lives.

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#1 #2 Thank you sir Brian McKenzie for sharing your views! i am too elated! Thanks for commenting and sharing the buzz!

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I have launched the 'Leave me Alone' - often

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