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How to Write an Essay like a Ninja

If you need to write an essay of any kind for school, it is important that you know how to go about doing it properly. The more you know about how to write an essay, the better prepared you will be to do it.

The very first thing you will need to do is select the topic you want to write your essay on. If a topic has been assigned to you, it will be necessary to do some research into it. It is crucial that you learn all you can about your topic so that you can write intelligently on it.

How to Write an Essay like a Ninja

Always make sure that you use reputable sources when citing the assertions you lay out in the essay (Wikipedia does not count.) Look for scholarly articles online that your teacher will respect as being legitimate. Any halfway decent essay must have sources, and they have to be carefully chosen.

The first thing that you are going to write is the introduction.

Here's the sample introduction from my essay Point of View and Perspective in Literature (Gothic Tradition) on :

A brief theoretical review of scholarly approaches to the study of narrative allowed elucidating fundamental narratological terms that appear to be of considerable interest to make the further analysis of the Gothic narrative possible. Among them it is essential that 'narrative', 'event', 'narrator', 'narratee', 'focalization', 'point of view', 'perspective', 'the Gothic Tradition' should be singled out.

This part of the article will talk a little bit about what your essay is going to be about in a broad sense (narrative in this case). Next you are going to write the body paragraphs, which will be the meat of your essay. The very last part of your essay is going to be the conclusion, where you wrap everything up and summarize the various points you have made throughout.

As long as you take a careful and considered approach to your essay, you should have no problem getting a good grade on it.

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