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Lifestyle in Home Search

Lifestyle in Home Search

   When searching for a home, don't overlook your lifestyle as a criteria. Many people look at price, zip code, commute, public transportation, distance to hospitals, schools, shopping, traffic, airport, hoa's, etc. All those things should be considered, but don't forget to factor in your lifestyle when searching for a home to buy. If you like mountains, hiking, bike riding, swimming, fishing, canoeing, hunting. If the parents like dining out, and taking dogs on hikes, and your kids like swimming, riding bikes, and camping, how will the home you choose affect availability to do those activities?

 An HOA might restrict having a boat or camper parked in your yard. Are there and hiking trails or parks nearby to hike and walk your dogs? What about lakes, rivers, and parks? How far are you willing to drive for those activities?

 In Loudoun county VA, luckily there are numerous destinations to serve just about any size family and there desire for amenities nearby. Some parts of the county will be more desirable than others. For example, Lovettsville is in Western Loudoun county VA near the MD and WV lines, so many activities are available to just about everyone.

 The photo above was taken on Loudoun heights in VA, but the view across the rivers is of Harper's Ferry WV and Maryland Heights is just to the right of the river.

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