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3 Things You Are Doing To Sabotage Your Marketing Plan

3 Things You Are Doing To Sabotage Your Marketing PlanIt's a bold title. You may be asking yourself how I know you are doing 3 things wrong with your marketing plan. Well, fact is, most everyone does these things on a regular basis. Even some of us in the marketing/advertising industry fall into these pit traps, and the best way to make sure you STOP is to name them so we all can once and for all commit to STOP DOING THEM.

1. It is just one day, I will do this (insert DAILY marketing task here) tomorrow.

Some of us by our very natures couldn't handle not doing something that we have committed to do. Some of us can justify almost anything in our heads. Fact is, most customers are going to check you out on social media first before they do business with you. If you commit to doing something on there, or even non verbally commit by doing it every week on a regular basis and then stopping for no reason, you may have just lost the trust of a potential client. MAKE SURE that you take time every day to complete your marketing activities!

2. Advertising with a radio station/TV station/magazine you like INSTEAD of who your customer might be listening/reading/watching.

An old story (not one I made up, but a good one) about a fisherman going to fish and not having any luck catching anything. He was there for 3 days and finally another fisherman asked him what he was using. He told him he was using pizza. The other fisherman was confused. You see this man liked pizza so he assumed the fish would as well. You need to fish with the bait that your potential clients like, not with your favorite thing. Sometimes these coincide, other times they don't. Make sure and fish with the right bait so you catch all the fish you want!

3. Setting your expectations so high you are ALWAYS disappointed.

If you spend $500 on an ad campaign, you are not going to bring in $100,000. If that was the case, advertising wouldn't need sales people. Advertising is a calculated risk. HOPEFULLY by doing business with someone who is reputable and who has been around a while you will lessen the risk, but you will not eliminate it. Set up your expected ROI BEFOREHAND and discuss it with your marketing team or ad rep. A goal of $2.50 for every dollar spent is good in some cases, sometimes $2 for $1. I have even seen a few cases where a good goal was just to break even. Make sure and keep it realistic! 

Thanks for reading and happy marketing!

Jeff Petermann