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How to Attract your Kpop Idol on Social Media

How to Attract your Kpop Idol on Social Media

Korean pop or famously called as Kpop is a term that is used to call a specific genre of music in South Korea. It is the combination of the words, Korean and Pop. Kpop was once local but with its growth and development it became a global phenomenon.

Basically, this genre of music is consist of an assortment of other genres such as electronic, hip-hop, rock and R&B music. Although the contemporary form of K-pop music emerged during the 1990s, the advent of this music phenomenon goes way back.

Along with this globally hit genre of music come the Korean Pop idols or stars. They are celebrities who are working in the field of K-pop, either as a member of a group or as a solo act. Kpop idols are characterized by highly manufactured star system and they represent a hybridized convergence of visuals, music, fashion, dance, and music influenced by Western culture.

With the development of Kpop and Kpop stars comes the growth of their fans. They attracted a lot of fans all around the world. Want to know why? There are a lot of reasons but two things that greatly catch their fans’ attention are charm and highly skilled dance performance.

Fans would really do their best in order for their idols to notice them. Yes, it is fun and somewhat amazing if your kpop idol notices you. So, if you are still wondering on how to catch the attention of your kpop idol on any social media, here are the ways on how to do it.

1. Look for their official account.

This is the first step, we all know there are a lot of Kpop stars that debuted today. You need to check or search their official account on any social media platform. Always remember that there are a lot of accounts that are not legit so you must be careful and start triangulating your sources. By doing this, you may be successful in searching for your Kpop idol’s official account. We all know that kpop idols were influenced by social media. I just recently read an article oh how social media affects kpop stars and I think it would be better to share this article with you.

2. You like or follow his/her account.

In doing so you may get in touch with his/her social media activities. In addition, every posted pictures or statuses you must react to them, you may like it or even comment on it. You must be visible and consistent in doing this. This is one of the effective ways on knowing the character of your idol.

3. Purchase your Kpop idol’s merchandise.

This is a thing that fans always do. Purchase some merchandise and collect them all. Afterwards, you may store it in the perfect place. You can create a little museum in the corner of your room.

4. Go to their concerts.

If you have the availability on going to their concerts, then this is the best way to see your idol in person. It is always best to support them and making them feel that you love them and their music as well. This is the best opportunity to meet them and to have fun.