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Rules to Smoking Cigarettes in terms of Fire Hazards

Based on a survey conducted worldwide, the reported fire breakouts due to cigarettes are in thousands. More so, almost 10,000 people die in such fire breakouts and approximately 15,000 get injured each year.

If you are a chain smoker, the aspects ofRules to Smoking Cigarettes in terms of Fire Hazards your priority list might be revolving around your health as well as the cigarette pack budget per year. However, when you smoke, you not only harm yourself but also others around you in ways you cannot imagine. Hence, it should be on your itinerary to get smoke detectors installed in your house, more so get the smoke alarm's maintenance done regularly.

If you are still unaware of the consequences of cigarette smoking in terms of fire hazards, read on and know how smokers can cause fire outbreaks.

Cigarette Ash and Ashtrays go hand in hand

What smokers do not realize is that cigarette ash or embers play a major role when it comes to fire hazards. While smokers might use ashtrays indoors, it is also true that they don’t use them when outdoors. The fact is that a small number of cigarette embers can initiate a fire which can turn into a bad case of emergency in just a few seconds.

When smoking a cigarette indoors, always be cautious and be sure to keep an ashtray handy. Better yet, use an ashtray which is slightly wet so that the embers wash down completely. Secondly, never toss your finished cigarette directly in the trash can as you never know what kind of garbage is inside it, as well as if your cigarette is still lit!

Outdoor Fires can get out of hand!

Being cautious is what you need to do when smoking outdoors. Whether you light up a cigarette in your backyard, on the street, in a park, on the mountains or next to the river, always make sure you put out your cigarette before disposing of it.

Smokers usually smoke cigarettes and toss them randomly when they are done. This is one of the main causes of fire outbreaks. Smokers do not have the prerogative to toss cigarette butts anywhere because if the cigarette embers come in contact with any flammable surface, the mess can be dangerous.

The way to go about this one is to either keep a small ashtray with you when outdoors or to simply step thoroughly on the cigarette butt when you throw it on the ground to make sure it is completely smothered.

Smoking Locations and Non Smoking Locations

When we speak about fire safety testing, smoking locations should be considered. For instance, enjoying smoking while taking a dump is understandable, however smoking while lying down in your bed is not. Reason being, since your bed sheets and bedcovers are flammable surfaces, it is advised that you make your bedroom a no smoking zone.

Smoking and Driving is a Bad Combo

Most smokers love taking long puffs while driving on endless roads. Firstly, if you smoke and drive, you need to stop!

Not only because throwing out ash from the window might result in your car seat being on fire but also because you never know if you throw out your cigarette, it might land on a field of grass. Get the drift?

Public Non-Smoking Places

It is but obvious that you should not smoke cigarettes or cigars when heading to a gas station. You should also not smoke when in a park full of kids and a ground full of lush green grass.

Adhere to these 5 rules and be sure to get your fire safety testing done on all fire safety equipment regularly.