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Emotional Mastery is Humanity’s Destiny

Emotional Mastery is Humanity’s Destiny

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How I Know This, What This Means, and Why It Matters

Emotional Mastery is the state of being sovereign to our emotions. It’s living each moment in the knowing that emotions are a gift, and not a curse. And it’s embracing our freedom to choose our focus and feelings rather than believing that we are a slave to them.

“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.” Seneca

This is the foundation of humanity’s next evolution in consciousness. It’s where we are going and what we are becoming. It’s our destiny. We are essentially taking back our paint brush, paints and tools so that we can live with intent and purpose. Our emotions are far more powerful than previously understood. And it’s now time to learn, practice and embrace this truth.

But before I dive deeper into the concept and benefits of Emotional Mastery, I need to back up a bit. I need to give you give you a broader perspective, supplemented by the sciences, to help you see the vision I hold for our collective future.

Recent Scientific Studies Lending Credence to Ancient Spiritual Wisdom

I see humanity as poised for an evolutionary leap in consciousness. If you are paying attention, you will see the signs everywhere supporting this shift.

Science, is one area in particular which supports this view. In the last few years, scientific discoveries are beginning to prove the wisdom ancient philosophers and scholars have been telling us for millennia about our reality and our integral relationship with the fabric of the universe