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A Step By Step Guide To Choosing Your Brand Colours For Your Business

Choosing colours for your brand can be the epitome of what you represent. It can help audiences identify with your brand and provide your brand with an alternative identity. Google are iconically known for their vibrant red, green, blue and yellow colour scheme and it’s recognisable across the globe. It’s importance is extremely significant, so choosing a colour scheme wouldn’t be a simple process to say the least. Here are steps to help choose your brand colours that will be perfect for your brand.

Neutral Is Best For The Base

As a base colour, you should always look at neutral colours as a starter. It will essentially act as a canvas before you become more creative with your topping layers. Colours you’d aim to look at are black, white, silver, grey, tan, gold etc. It’s important to have an idea of what identity you wish to give off also as they can determine whether your brand provides a cool or warm identity for your brand. Cool neutral colours will be ones like white, grey and ivory, whilst warm colours will be black, golds and blacks.

2 x Pop Colours

Your pop colours are the most important as these will be the colours that represent your brand the best and helps audiences to identify with them. You want to make sure they grab the attention of your audience but still compliment each other well. As they will be the focus of your brand, you need to consider the identity of your brand and what it stands for whilst choosing these colours. If you’re a brand that screams excitement and joy, you’d want to look at colours such as oranges and reds. On the other hand, you can choose cooler colours such as blues and green to provide a warmer touch. An example of using your palette effectively is starting off with a cool neutral colour for your base and then adding warmer pop colours on top to give it a bit of liveliness.

Stand Out With Your Call To Action

A CTA, better known as a call to action, is a button/link inserted on a website that gets your users to do something. For example, a call to action could say “Click Here”. In which case, you want this to stand out and appear clear to your viewers. This will be the final stage of your colour choosing process so you can contrast the colours from your base and ‘pop’ colours. Use the opposite end of your colour scale when picking your call to action colours. Just be sure to be strict with this colour as it should only be used for your CTA buttons and links.

Don’t take the process of choosing your brand colours lightly. Use the colour branding process to highlight what your brand stands for and how it makes your audience feel. This guide is always available for your brand identity needs or alternatively, you seek professional help through a design agency Manchester based.

A Step By Step Guide To Choosing Your Brand Colours For Your Business