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Benefits of a Furry Friend at Work

Today,  my cat Jack was tapping me with his paw, right as I was frustrated that I was dealing with spotty internet service due to the pouring rain. I looked down into his eyes, which were fully dilated, and signaled to me that he needed something. As I got up from my chair he started to run towards his food bowl, so, I knew he was hungry. He's always hungry!

Benefits of a Furry Friend at Work

Getting up from my desk, also prompted me to notice that I hadn't eaten lunch yet, and I had been really needing to go to visit the bathroom.

After I finished lunch and headed back to my desk, I noticed that Jack had jumped into my chair. I giggled a little, called him my "Project Manager" and moved him from the chair to another one near me. He sat up and stared at me for a little while and then finally settled down in his usual rolled up cat circle.

Now you might say that since I work from a home office that it's easy to have a pet at work. I recalled today though when a company I had worked for was going through a lot of downsizing, cutting salaries and basically everyone was shell shocked as to when the next shoe was going to drop. They hired a new area manager and she had an idea to bring in her new Golden Retriever puppy as our office pet in hopes it would be a morale booster.

And he was!

He would visit different parts of the office in the morning as his way of saying "hello" to everyone. People would take turns taking him out for walk - which also, fell in line with a new wellness program that the company was promoting. Staff would take funny photos of him and talk about how he impacted their day.

In an article from, they cited that a 2012 study performed by Virginia Commonwealth University, found that employees that brought their dogs to work accumulated less stress throughout the day.

Now of course, a company has to be careful and look into what employees may be allergic to cats or dogs before introducing them in their organization.

Nestle Purina shares some great benefits:

1. Pets reduce stress

2. Pets trigger work interactions that may not normally take place  - like a conversation with someone.

3. Pets need to relive themselves, so that means someone has to take them for a walk.

4. Pets influence the power of touch.

5. Pets improve our productivity.

There are work environments that having a pet present may not be a good idea - like a retail store, restaurant, or other industries where there is a lot of interaction with the general public.

Lastly, you can also have a lot of fun creating memes with your office pet! See what I created on left. :-)

Does your company allow pets? What are their rules for bringing pets? Would you like to have a pet mascot at work?



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Kicki Andersson 19/12/2016 · #9

Wonderful and agrees with my own cat who is my partner in the home office

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Jennifer 🐝 Schultz 1/12/2016 · #8

#5 Thanks @David B. Grinberg I couldn't agree more!

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Jennifer 🐝 Schultz 1/12/2016 · #7

#4 Thanks for your comment @Franci Eugenia Hoffman - yes there are a great list of companies that allow pets at work - and yes, it can be distracting - but I would say more of a positive disruption if the pet is friendly. :-)

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Jennifer 🐝 Schultz 1/12/2016 · #6

Thank you for reading my article @Venita Crow - nice to hear that Jack has a cousin in Sophie! :-)#3

David B. Grinberg 1/12/2016 · #5

Nice buzz, Jennifer. I think pets at work is a trending topic. Anything that reduces stress and boosts employee morale = increased performance and productivity, enhanced employee engagement, greater employee satisfaction, and more brand loyaty -- all of which leads to a better and healthier work culture.

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Interesting topic Renee. Google and several companies allow pets at work. I like the idea but can see where it can be distracting.

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Venita Crow 30/11/2016 · #3

Thank you for your article Renee. I work from home unless I'm traveling to visit a Hospital or attending a conference. I share my home office with my 3 cats and I must say I may have sent some cat paw print skype messages. Your Jack is a twin to my Sophie. This could be her picture. She has taken up residence daily on my laptop editing my work and enjoying the warmth. I agree that obviously not every setting is conducive to pet helpers, I very much enjoy mine.

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Jennifer 🐝 Schultz 30/11/2016 · #2

Thanks @Renée Cormier - you bring up some very good points. I think as you said, it depends on the temperament of both the animal and the employees. :-) #1

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