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The Impact of OTEC

The Impact of OTEC

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
and Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) can sound like very confusing terms. While their processes may be complex, their efforts and potential achievements can have an enormous impact in the world of sustainable energy.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

The very first example of OTEC first came in the late 19th century when Jules Verne introduced the idea in his novelTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. This supposedly inspired scientists around the world to begin working on the concept for real life implementation. However, physicist Jacques-Arsene d’Arsonval is generally seen as the originator of this technology that uses the ocean’s varying temperatures to produce power.

The first facility utilizing this technology would not come about for another century, though. The world’s first net power producing facility created is found in Hawaii at NELHA (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority), funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Process

OTEC works by leveraging the temperature differentials in our world’s oceans between cold, deep water, and warmer surface found in tropical regions like the Caribbean. This difference can be used to generate unlimited amounts of energy without the use of damaging materials. This  form of alternative energy is turning a new page in terms of accessibility, affordability, and emissions.

Closed cycle OTEC systems consist of two large pipes and a heat exchanger. Warm surface water flows in through the first pipe and is used to heat a working fluid with a low boiling point, such as ammonia. The steam produced by the boiling ammonia turns a turbine generator, thus producing electricity. A second pipe pulls colder water from deeper parts of the ocean (1,000 meters down), which condenses that steam back into a liquid state. The pipes then take the cold water back to the deep ocean and the warm water back to the surface of the ocean, and the ammonia is recycled, creating a 24/7 process that is capable of running 365 days a year.

OTEC technology utilizes the nearly 80% of the sun’s rays that are absorbed into the surface of oceans and are replenished daily, unlike fossil fuels such as oil or coal.


This technology brings an array of economic, environmental, and social benefits to the table, increasing sustainability. In terms of the economy, OTEC reduces fuel imports and capital expenses, leading to reduced energy costs for our customers, and helps stimulate economic development.

Social benefits include (but are not limited to) affordable production of fresh water, flourishing agriculture, and sustainable aquaculture through desalination, a process that extracts mineral components from saline water. OTEC is able to contain some of the deep ocean water extracted and desalinate it. This can be done at night as well when power demand is lower. By siphoning off some of the colder ocean water in addition to some of the electricity produced, OTEC can produce fresh water at a consistent rate.

In turn, the environment benefits greatly. OTEC is a green technology that keeps our planet’s well-being in mind. It produces almost limitless renewable energy without using fossil fuels, and produces zero emissions. In fact, OTEC can save up to 7,000 tons of CO2 per year. More fresh water produced means more for human consumption, which translates to fewer people going thirsty and more people practicing better hygiene.

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Harold Jenkins Oct 2, 2018 · #44

OTEC technology a viable option. With limited locations like this available, not every country may be able to effectively use this technology. This is effectively used in tropical countries in which as of the moment were not that convinced yet to shield big amount of investment, but Jeremy Feakins team is continuously doing information drive to reach out to private investor who will be willing to take the initiative to be part of the project. Great team effort to achieve its goal and mission to preserve the mother nature.

Romanov Dane Sep 27, 2018 · #43

The ocean works as a huge storage device for thermal energy. It is part of the global climate engine. If harvested in small amounts it may be considered to have no impact at all, but if it gets to be too explored it may change local ecosystems by messing with the temperature. Also there is the risk of mixing deep ocean biology with surface biology but I know expert were doing deep study to avoid or minimize the negative effect of this technology. Great work Mr. Jeremy P. Feakins and company.

Fritzie Reynolds Sep 27, 2018 · #42

OTEC, the state of development is such that cost estimates can be provided, indicating that under certain scenarios, cost-competitive base-load electricity could be produced in Developing Member Countries but continuous support should be done not only from government but also from investment companies so that this kind of project will be really launch the soonest possible time.

Kevin Borden Sep 26, 2018 · #41

Jeremy have skilled and knowledgeable team who study technological advances have been made toward achieving the program objectives for proving the technical and economic feasibility and minimizing engineering risks for eventual commercial applications. Conduct various test just need a lot of funding to make the whole project run as it is conceptualized.

Ron Fleshier Sep 24, 2018 · #40

OTEC concentrates on emerging markets, which provide the opportunity to bring improved conditions to parts of our world devastated by a shortage of water and high-energy costs. These opportunities provide very attractive returns. The technologies offer practical solutions to mankind’s three oldest and most fundamental needs ( clean drinking water, plentiful food, and sustainable, affordable energy without the use of fossil fuels) . This great idea deserves great attention from everyone especially those tropical areas that will highly benefit from it.

Joe Manning Sep 22, 2018 · #39

OTE is in the advanced planning stages for a global network of carbon-neutral, high-quality eco-resorts consisting of sustainable homes, condominiums, retail spaces, and EcoHotel. Use of fossil-fuels is not allowed at the OTEC EcoVillage. Wishing Eco village model will be implemented in other areas as well , it can create big impact on our environment ecology preservation.

Bob Gavula Sep 21, 2018 · #38

Jeremy Feakins OTE concentrates on emerging markets, which provide the opportunity to bring improved conditions to parts of our world devastated by a shortage of water and high-energy costs. These opportunities provide very attractive returns. I look forward to it’s implementation.