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How to develop mobile apps?

Mobile app development has significant impact in today’s business due to the widely use of mobile phone all over the world. People not only use mobile phone for calling and messaging but also for listening music, watching videos, playing games, browsing internet and so on. While ERP is helping people in shaping their business. Mobile applications software is used to handle these purposes in addition with operating system software. That’s why useful and creative mobile application has enormous demand among the people of all ages.

How to develop mobile apps?

Development of mobile application is not a very complicated task if you really want to do it. To develop mobile apps all you have to know, what mobile apps are, how they work on mobile phone, what’s their basic platform of design etc? This article articulates the basic information on mobile app development besides with iphone app development, android apps development and some other popular mobile app development. So if you want to know the fundamentals of mobile apps development and be a part of this growing field then sit tight, relax and read the article thoroughly to get the best direction.

Mobile app development is nothing but a process of developing application software for electronic devices i.e., iphone, mobile phone, windows mobile, new generation smart phone etc. To develop these apps you must have to choose a platform. There are many platforms out there but the major platforms used by most of the successful mobile application developers are Android, HP web OS, Blackberry, WAP, Java, Windows mobile OS, iOS and Symbian OS. These platforms are also used to develop windows and mobile web apps. So it is better for you to choose one from these platforms. To help you to take right decisions, useful information on most popular platforms are highlighted here.

The first one is Android platforms. While customer relationship management system is now going social, which is called social crm and it can depend on mobile as well. It is basically used to develop Android mobile apps by using the software development kit named Android SDK. It consists of APIs, middleware, handset emulator and operating system whose facilitates the apps developer by supplying an extensive array of alternatives. This SDK is so updated that it ensures the full control over the debugging application features by using integrated Eclipse debugger with standalone debugging monitor. Java is the main programming language used to develop Android apps. C and C++ codes are also used in this platform to handle out some portion of apps. It is integrated with GPS, video camera, touch screen, Bluetooth and WiFi support. Also this platform is free to use; it does not require any license. All of these facilities make it popular among the mobile apps developers. Besides all these, mobile apps developed by using this platform can be installed in most of the handset available in the market. So if you have good knowledge on Java, C and C++ then choose it as your mobile app development platform.

So, how do free apps make money without ads? The iphone platform is one of the dominant platforms due to its simplicity in programming language. There are many versions of this platform found in the internet whose are free to download. Knowledge on objective-C language is enough to start with this platform for a beginner. The iphone application development kit (iOS) is used in this platform on how to develop iphone apps. This iOS SDK consists of an iphone simulator called Aspen simulator. Along with the Aspen simulator, an Xcode debugger tool chain is used to emulate the look of the iphone apps on the desktop of the developers. This process is so digitalized that development of the different features of the app can be monitored time to time. Application developed by this process is mainly installed on iphone, iPad and iPod touch handsets. Apple Inc has the full authority on this platform because they developed this platform. So before marketing your developed apps validly, do not forget to purchase their approval.

Blackberry is another platform for mobile app development which is developed by RIM. Its operating system support both Java and WAP. In this platform, developer uses integrated IDE debugger in order to monitor the process of app development. It is totally free to use; no license or approval is required to install its apps on handsets. Application developed by this platform is usually cheap compared to other platforms. So it is economical for those developers whose main purpose is business.

Another one is windows mobile OS platform which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. C and C++ are the main programming language of this platform. It is only applicable to develop mobile and iphone applications for windows mobile, windows CE and windows FU devices. Though it has some unique features but it is not yet popular among the mobile apps developers because of not having a good amount of users.

Another popular platform is Symbian platform. It is developed by integrating and merging software assets provided by Nokia, Sony Ericson, NIT DoCoMo and Symbian ltd. S60 Symbian OS is used as its core asset. It is quite difficult platform compared to other platforms. But it is suitable for expert mobile app developer as it is integrated with multiple advanced software development kit.

How to develop mobile apps

To be a successful developer you have to figure out the application demand that you want to develop. Practical, cheap and small applications are the key factors for every successful mobile application. So focusing all these factors develops your own application software. First research properly and then targeting your apps users, selects the proper technology to develop the application. Also launch your developed application in a suitable time to catch up the market.

When you will reach on the path of success, use different platforms to develop best mobile phone apps. Update your platforms regularly and use the best software development kit. If you give your best effort, then definitely you will get success with in a very short time. And always keep in mind that successful developer does not means successful businessman. So if you want to get best profit from your mobile app development, never forget to research your apps users mind situation as well as market condition.

Hopefully through this article many of your questions must have been set on regarding on how to develop mobile apps besides with iphone app development, android apps development and some other popular mobile app development. So if you feel yourself interested, then choose the right platforms and start your career in this still growing business field.

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Great information! Making an app isn't an easy task. First of all, the main thing is the budget and cost to make an app. One needs to calculate it and then choose a mobile app development company or a developer. One must read and understand the whole process of creating an app described in this article It shows the whole app development process starting from planning and designing to launching an app.

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Name some open source software for creating mobile apps