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You will have me.

You will win.

I welcome you to take me.

I have won.

This mantra incessantly repeats itself in my mind. With each breath one of four sentences, in specific order, drives forth. No more words through my mouth. No more pain. Simply a mind with four thoughts propelled forever through me.

I lay here, where I’ve been alone for four years, chained to the wall of Theresienstadt Prison. At one time the chain held both of my wrists, but now it only holds one frail piece of skin and bone since my right arm was amputated because of the Tuberculosis.

I wasn’t always sick. Actually, I was quite healthy my whole life until June 1914. Then, in custody, I became sick.

You will have me.

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Michael Jones 18/5/2016 · #2

Interesting, he got to pay twice. I like this story.

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Daniela Umpierrez 18/5/2016 · #1

Very sad story but I like the way you wrote it!! Nice buzz @Jeremy Strozer!

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