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A Matter of Consequences

A Matter of ConsequencesEach day we live with the consequences.

In the USA, President Eisenhower’s last speech was a warning. In it he coined the term “Military-Industrial complex.”

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

President Eisenhower

In Oregon, the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) is owed more money than the state has with no plan as to how the obligation will be paid.

There are currently 800,000 government employees furloughed in the USA and not being paid. A far-right radio personality had the audacity to say this on the air yesterday:

“These people on furlough are just on vacation. They shouldn’t be paid, they should be penalized.”

Far Right Radio Personality

It is no longer considered a kindness to have homes for the feeble-minded or in politically correct terms “the psychologically challenged” nor is there much help in the way of recovering from being out of work.

In the USA the railway right of way and connected tracts of land were considered worth more as real estate. As a result, the tracks connecting major cities and production hubs are gone and the cost of newly proposed high-speed rail connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles is $77 Billion.

Europe, Japan, China and even Vietnam are outpacing the USA

The consequences:

1. Rail transportation, particularly high speed, is unknown to most of the US population.

2. Merciful handling of public problems are rejected and individuals are subjected to inhumane results.

3. Partisan arguments are taken to ridiculous levels by pundits that have no empathy.

4. Not using sound financial judgement holds the future hostage.

5. Bureaucracy is split and partisan arguments are being supported on both sides by the same capitalists.

Those are real consequences. Yes the examples are from the USA but similar (and worse) things are going on around the world.

We need to step back.

We need to:

  • Stop supporting partisan viewpoints.
  • Walk away from short term solutions to long term problems
  • Compromise even if just to listen to both sides of a proposal
  • Remove the blinders to see what a proposed action might produce both positive and negative.
  • Have the courage to change your view to find a solution that works today and tomorrow.

It’s time for Truth or Consequences.


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Jerry Fletcher 25/1/2019 · #15

#14 Ed, what a concept. Adults acting like grown-ups. I'm not holding my breath.

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Edward Lewellen 25/1/2019 · #14

My dear friend, our government has become completely dysfunctional and has been growing more and more that way for decades. The politicians are like 8-year-old's in school who give tit-for-tat and keep one-upping each other every time it happens. Pride, arrogance, ego, etc., all get in the way of what the politicians are supposed to be doing; looking out for the best for our country and the people in it. Of course, that gets back to the reason for the dysfunction, the difference in ideologies and the money supporting each side. Until someone becomes mature enough to set the example and be real leaders, we will continue on this downward spiral until we succumb to the same fate as the Roman Empire.

As a wise man has said many times, "And, so it goes..."

Jerry Fletcher 22/1/2019 · #13

#12 Dr. Ali. We can only hope that the human race can learn from past mistakes. And, so it goes

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Trying to find order in this piling up chaos is a tough task. Very deep-insights dear Jerry.

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Jerry Fletcher 20/1/2019 · #11

#9 Brook, if the parties had singular focus it might help, but on the other hand that is what is generally hoped for. it seems we will have ot evaluate each candidate on their actions over time but that demands a free press and a true concern. And so it goes.

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Jerry Fletcher 20/1/2019 · #10

#8 Joyce, There is apparently the beginning of a realization. The numbers ae few but growing. Like any meme, it needs support and care. Thanks for caring.

Brook Massey 19/1/2019 · #9

@Jerry Fletcher, in our last election here, for mayor, state and federal house positions, over 70% of local voters checked the "Party Line" option. Loyalty to political party with no thought. Lemmings!
Great post.

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So many things you've said here are so true. I fear we've been brainwashed. I know I was. Will any of this change? I hope so but think not. We are creatures of habit, or perhaps we are merely creatures. The vast, vast majority of us believe, not in ourselves, but in the rhetorical bullshit being sprayed through the air. We are cordoned off into sides without understanding that this is a diversion from the real work that needs to be done.

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