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An Inventory of Intellectual Property

An Inventory of Intellectual PropertyA Strategic Partnership

Chris asked if I would be willing to provide my 30-Second Marketing TM program as an incentive and business development tool for a client of his in Boston. As we talked we moved from providing just that product to adding other components from Marketing Without Money TM which I’d developed over the years. Then we decided to offer the whole thing on-line initially for his client and then for the public.

I should tell you that Chris is a former client and someone I continue mentoring who has become an on-line advertising expert. We agreed to form a strategic relationship for this project and that he would develop products focused on digital marketing.

Another Partner

Then, I met with Larry. His client needed an event to generate new leads, maintain relationships with current clients and referral sources as well as generate greater awareness of the company. Here, too, 30-Second Marketing TM was requested along with leadership training which Larry could supply. As we spoke with the client it became clear that ongoing marketing/business development would be required. In addition, the company would need my expertise at filling seats for events and possibly the in-depth knowledge of Facebook that Chris brings to the table.

And so, an inventory

To begin planning both client facing and public facing approaches, Chris asked, “Could you give me an inventory of the products that includes outcomes and what forms they are currently available in?” I agreed and began the process of digging out the bits of wisdom that bear my thumbprint that have taken on a life of their own. 

The ProPln’r

Since 1990 when I began consulting I have recorded and updated continuously a recap of what works and why called the ProPln’r. Over the years it has become the heart of my consulting approach and is the workbook I provide to every independent professional client I work with. I pulled a three-ring binder from the shelf and found under the last tab the original document dated 1990. It was printed on a dot matrix printer!

The first sentence says it is “Designed to simplify the process of developing a business plan for professional service firms.” Today I call these folks “independent professionals” and I concentrate on business development even though I still provide advice and counsel on general business matters with primary focus on marketing.

Marketing Without Money TM

  • Back in 2013 I started thinking about how to productize all the marketing skills I provide to clients one-to-one and in speeches on three continents. After considerable thinking I built a systematic approach called Marketing Without Money TM that includes:

  • Lightning in a Bottle TM (How to establish a working Vision, Mission, Position)

  • No Budget Branding TM (Building your brand without spending an arm and a leg

  • 30-Second Marketing TM (How to replace that awful elevator pitch with words that “Hook ‘em, Hold ‘em, Pitch”em and Close ‘em” How to introduce yourself memorably with a conversation instead of a commercial.

  • How To Work a Room TM (Figuring out what networking events to attend plus secrets of a Networking Ninja that make meetings your new “comfort zone.”

  • Nonstop Referrals TM (When where and how to generate referrals and develop an ongoing referral network)

  • Customer Relationship Magic TM (All about CRM systems and how to use them from paper to cloud based. Simple answers for small businesses based n real-world experiences. This is the reason I began speaking in South America.)

  • How to turn Contacts Into Contracts TM (Wetware facts on retention and recall, spelling out your benefits in their language. It is consultant selling seen through the lens of marketing math.)

  • The Trust Goldmine TM (The hard research data payoff to the wo you should trust and why. Plus a glimpse of the future as Block Chain Technology provides a way to establish trust between strangers.)

Three example outcomes


"He came aboard when we were still in the garage. He named the company and helped us raise the cash we needed." Geoff Rhoades, Founder Digimarc 
30-Second Marketing:
“I doubled my revenue year over year since I became the business defogger and accelerator."
Jim Grew, The Grew Company 

The Trust Goldmine
"Jerry taught me and my team that the shortcut to trust is a personal touch."
Manoj Garg, Founder Virtual Information Executives

Pride and Prejudice

Yes, I’m proud of what I turned up as I looked through 20 years of files. Yes, I think what I have to offer would be of use to independent professionals and owners of small service businesses. But then I’m prejudiced.

What do you think? 


Jerry Fletcher, Networking Ninja, is a sought after International Speaker, beBee ambassador, founder and Brand Poobah of

His consulting practice, founded in 1990, is known for Trust-based Brand development, Positioning and Business Development on and off-line.


Jerry Fletcher 1/7/2018 · #8

Geoff, Let's talk about Radix later this month.

Geoff Hudson-Searle 1/7/2018 · #7

#5 California State has approved its equivilant of GDPR and PECR Pricacy Electronic Communication Regulation (e-Privacy) on Friday, so watch this space it was a matter of time. Blockchain is not scalable, check out the scalable version and alternative to Blockchain and DAG's

Jerry Fletcher 30/6/2018 · #6

#3 Thanks Gert, wish I could have come up with more but I'm still workin' on it.

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Jerry Fletcher 30/6/2018 · #5

#2 Geoff, e-privacy is going to be an ongoing concern. That is why I'm watching Block Chain Technology. See you later this month.

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Jerry Fletcher 30/6/2018 · #4

#1 Thank you Dr. Ali. Ed and I are in communication. I sked his advice for a client of mine and he graciously responded.

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Gert Scholtz 30/6/2018 · #3

@Jerry Fletcher An intellectual inventory to be rightly proud of Jerry.

Geoff Hudson-Searle 30/6/2018 · #2

Great buzz @Jerry Fletcher I always like reading your approach to clients and importantly the process, certainly in times where the US (State of California) is now embarking on ePrivacy and new regulations the need for compliance over client data, privacy and conduct will become a business imperative for independent professionals or face a fine. I am looking forward to our inspirired discussions and thoughts over lunch in Eugene in a few weeks time.


@Jerry Fletcher- reading your buzz tells me how important it is to develop ideas from the inspiration and neweds of customers. You have achieved this brilliantly.
I invite @Edward Lewellen to read your buzz. Ed wrote a book titles The 90-Seconds Mind Manager. And you Jerry developed the 30-Second Marketing TM. I smell the possibility of merging your ideas and may be a new partnership surfaces!!!

+2 +2