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Another "Getaway"

Another "Getaway"

Lew called late Tuesday evening.

I could tell as soon as he said, “This is Lew” that something was wrong.

We’ve been friends it seems since dinosaurs roamed the earth…about 30 years at least.

Pre-historic times

Before we met he was a cop in southern Oregon. In the Vietnam era he did a tour in the Air Force. I’ve always ribbed him about how tough it must have been to be a PR guy and an officer who got to live off-base with his wife. He was a marketing guy and when they moved to Portland so his wife, Gail, could run her regional ad agency he elected to go over to the client side and became the Marketing Director for the Port of Portland.

The everlasting argument

We met when I refused to respond to an RFP (Request For Proposal) for the selection of a new advertising agency by the Port of Portland. My view was that it wasted agency time and resources and that the costs were not recoverable. His view was that it leveled the playing field and made for a more logical review and selection process. We revisited that discussion continuously over the years. I never let him forget that he had gone over to the “dark side.”

The Advertising Golf Association

Somewhere along the way we both became members of the local chapter of the Advertising Golf Association and played in the club’s tournaments monthly for a lot of summers. We bunked together on the club’s “Getaway” weekends. All the members we could muster (30 to 40) would play one course in Eugene on Friday, and overnight in a motel. Next morning we would drive to a mountain course called Tokatee and play it then drive to Black Butte, stay overnight and play one of their courses on Sunday. Sunday night we made the long drive back to Portland. Lew served as President of the organization a couple times

Who cares who wins Class C

The Getaway was a three-day tournament. The third day you were paired by scores with the closest player in your class. Lew and I found ourselves playing in the same foursome and vying for the class C prize just about every year. I think I won once in maybe 20 years. I always told him it was because he got to play more than I did being on the “dark side.”

A couple years ago we had to give up the game. My knees went and he had to start chemo.

A voice from the past

He was the announcer on my first speaker products. We were talking about my plans to record cassette tapes of my most requested Networking Ninja presentations (this was a few years ago). He volunteered. He turned on his deep resonant voice and nailed all of them in the booth on the first take!

I listened to one of those tapes today. I know I’m going to treasure it.

A big yellow dog

The last couple years he has had the company of a big yellow dog that senses his every mood. I’m not as sensitive and I’m a couple freeways away. But each time he returns from his oncologist my phone rings and he updates me.

So many of our friends have gone scudding off across the sky that, at times, I know he must feel alone, feeling his way in the fog.

I’m here.

He told me the experimental chemotherapy he had been on since October had stopped working. The doctor gave him two weeks to two months.

We’re laying plans for some lunches and dinners. It won't be a "Getaway" but there are a couple clubhouses that I think he would like to visit one last time.


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Jerry Fletcher 15/2/2019 · #19

#18 Thanks Ed. A friend is a friend is a friend. And so it goes

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Edward Lewellen 14/2/2019 · #18

@Jerry Fletcher, what a wonderful friend and person you are! This story tells volumes about your character. Thank you for being so kind to a fellow human being.

Praveen Raj Gullepalli 12/2/2019 · #17

#16 Dear Jerry, your love for Lew and your words of tribute moved me enough to respond that way....thank you for your inspiring friendship!

+1 +1
Jerry Fletcher 11/2/2019 · #16

#14 Praveen, You brought tears to my eyes. Than you from the bottom of my heart.

+2 +2
Jerry Fletcher 11/2/2019 · #15

#13 Ken. thanks once again for bringing Puck with you. I look forward to your positive comments wrapped in whimsy. I'm plotting the first lunch with Lew at a local course called Red Tail. And so it goes.

+1 +1
Praveen Raj Gullepalli 11/2/2019 · #14

And then again dear Jerry, when life is all but lived;
blessed are those who know the end is nigh,
and just might end the journey all sorted out,
hopefully in a peaceful and lazy sigh.

For when you are caught unawares,
and as yet unprepared;
the hell of the mind knows no respite,
suspended in the delusory darkness, far away from the kindly light.

Time is a treasure beyond measure,
and every second spent with a friend is for each other, a priceless gift;
Here's wishing You & Lew, timeless moments many,
over a cuppa or a toast, while through fond memories, you together sift.

Long may your friendship live, in your hearts and in your Souls!

+1 +1
Ken Boddie 11/2/2019 · #13

Not being a particularly competent golfer, Jerry, I’ve always figured the best part of the game is the 19th hole. And so it goes with life. All we can do is try and keep on the fairway, avoid the bunkers, and hope the beer’s cold in the 19th hole. I reckon you need to help your friend with his last short game or so and help him into the clubhouse, where we’re all going to meet up in good time.

Lada 🏡 Prkic 10/2/2019 · #12

#9 I always have had a few friends close to me I can count on. Hope they will stay with me through the toughest situations in life, like you and Lew.