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Consultant Marketing Napkin Diary

Consultant Marketing Napkin Diary

I don’t have one but I wish I did.

I can see it.

A three-ring binder filled with paper napkins, each depicting a concept that can change the way you think. Most of them are white but a few pastels are mixed in. Sizes vary from the little ones we call cocktail napkins to ones from high-end establishments that are folded into one-foot squares. Most are the “regular” size, about nine-inch squares.

Brilliance on a napkin

I’ve been lucky enough to have some very powerful concepts presented to me on napkins.

· Using A-B split testing (what I call Test and Reset)

· The direct vs brand scale

· Brilliance on a Napkin Here’s a short video

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

I find that when you are restricted from all the technology tools and access to pre-built charts, graphs and icons you are forced to think more clearly and focus on the concept rather than a professional looking presentation. It can be disconcerting on one hand but on the other comes a clarity I find you cannot achieve in any other way.

Let me demonstrate.

The Overlooked Dimension

This page from the napkin diary pretty much tells the story by itself. There’s the  L-shape of the familiar x and y axes of the Cartesian coordinates but there is another, the z-axis in red. That’s because in my view the minimum number of axes on which to judge a business are Time, Money and Trust. This video tells the story in words without graphics. Perhaps I should add animated graphics. What do you think?

Brand Building

Those of you that have viewed my video on Brand Building (4 ½ Minutes) which you’ll find at know that the analogy I use is a gyroscope.

The model literally deals with:

· Vision

· Mission

· Prospect Viewpoint

· Promise

· Profitable Niche

· Persona

· Prospect and customer feedback

· Performance

· Perceptions

The video clearly shows how all those elements add up to your brand.

Persona, Trust and Spin

Consultant Marketing must include that laundry list above. Once you have a Persona, you need to find ways to let the world know about it.

In the gyroscope model video Trust Tools and Spin Tools are mentioned as what you need to expand the number of people that know, and most importantly, Trust you.

That starts with Trust Tools. At the heart of them is Networking, surrounded by Writing Teaching and Speaking. Making he world cognizant of your special skills, your personal brand and your unique approaches requires the Trust Tools

Spin Tools came first as I was developing my model. They are, after all the major methods that were available to market anything before the internet became a reality. Today, all those “analog approaches” continue. They continue and the internet has spawned both pale reflections as well as likenesses that seem to have been raised on steroids.

Tests that once took months can now be done using the new technologies. A-B splits are commonplace and Multi-variant tests are becoming easier every day. But, even as scientific as things seem to have become marketing for consultants is still primarily relationship based.

And so it goes


Jerry Fletcher is a sought-after International Speaker, a beBee ambassador, founder and Grand Poobah of

His consulting practice, founded in 1990, is known for on and off-line Trust-based Consultant Marketing and Brand development advice that builds businesses, careers and lives of joy.


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Nicely done Jerry. Very smart.

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#4 I watched two videos so far and you are doing a great job, Jerry.

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@Jerry Fletcher The best ideas seemed always to come toward the end of a boozy lunch. Like this one for Queensland tourism ( Australia ) " Queensland, beautiful one day. Perfect the next"
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