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Human Behavior Hacking

Human Behavior HackingMy friend Vanessa is a strange combination of introvert, scientist and heroine.

Here's how she describes herself and what drives her from the introduction of her book which releases April 25:

"Hi, I'm Vanessa and I'm a recovering awkward person...On a whim I decided to document all of my misadventures and takeaways as a human guinea pig on a blog, we caught the attention of media outlets like NPR, Inc and Forbes... This is when I decided to do larger research experiments and turn Science Of People into a human behavior lab."

Here is the review I'll publish on Amazon for this remarkable book:

Whether you are awkward or suave, male or female, introvert or extrovert, you need to read this book. And re-read it and do the exercises and hack human behavior for real, possibly for the first time in your life.

You will learn what makes people tick.

Vanessa seeks out the latest published results in the science of human behavior and then takes that fascinating material and turns it into experiments which she and her team use to show us how people work. Then they test the results and reset if necessary.

This book will help you fine tune your BS meter scientifically, show you why some people are successful on shark tank and how you can "add sparks to your conversation" to become unforgettable.

You will learn people skills that will change your life.

I have been studying this kind of information, back-checking from popular press articles to the scientific papers, since before I started speaking professionally in 1990 about networking, marketing and personal as well as product brand.
What is new here is the cogent development of a systematic way to gather information and use it to build a better you.

This is a systematic scientific approach researched in the real world. It works.

You've heard of IQ and EQ. This is about PQ.

PQ  is a way of measuring your interpersonal intelligence. The stronger your PQ, the higher your probability of making more money, being a top performer, being happier and more fulfilled. Those outcomes are for real. They are based on the research.

A simple test shows you where you need work.

Yes, I'm studying you and perhaps listening a little more.  It's because I took the PQ test and used the results to tell me where to really buckle down and study the simple but elegant ways to become more proficient. The microexpression flash cards really proved helpful to me. I could go on but you need to stop wasting your time on reviews.

Stop reading about the book and buy it now.

You won't regret it.


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