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Raise Memorability of Your Personal Brand

Raise Memorability of Your Personal Brand

The word "lever" was absorbed into English from the Old French levier. In essence it refers to making something light by raising it in a specific manner.

You can raise the memorability of your personal brand at three times in your life:

        ·  When you launch

        · When you are building your business or your career

        · When you’re established

Let’s take each in turn.

When you launch.

Our first rockets had gyroscopes in them built by Honeywell. They were the size of softballs and were specified to be able to correct the lean of the rocket on the launching pad up to 10 degrees. The engineers built them to specification but because of extraordinary care added miniscule improvements which gave the gyros greater resilience than anticipated. The rocket made it into space. The gyros had worked even though the lean exceeded 13 degrees.

Small, well-focused actions can produce significant enduring improvements. The elements of vision can engender incremental improvements just like that.

Your vision should include these elements (courtesy of Cascade Software )

1. Output No matter what you do the output is the effect it has on customers or clients.