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To market, to market…

To market, to market…The house is officially on the market.

Shortly, I hope, I’ll no longer have this view from my office. I liked to call it conference room two in the summertime.

After my realtor, Debi, went through the house with me pointing out little things to do to make it “showable” I put in the time doing touch up painting, light bulb replacement and tidying up as directed.

Nobody lives this way

Then came the hard part. She walked me through the house to “prep it for showings.” I’m a guy. I’m not the messy sort but I used to leave dishes in the sink. No more. My shoes use to be at the end of the bed so they were easy to slip into if I had to leave. No more. Sweaters and shorts and other clothing would be left on the trunk at the foot of the bed. No more.

Now, when I leave the house it is ready to show with all the lights on the main level blazing away. I feel like I’m back in OCS (Officer Candidate School) and being inspected daily!

The naked refrigerator.

In the kitchen she began by stripping all the magnets, notes and note pads off the refrigerator door and storing them in one of the “utility drawers.” Next to go was my little radio tuned to Oregon Public Broadcasting so I can get the news and the traffic info I need when I’m making breakfast.

She wanted to hide a clock I keep on the kitchen counter that is visible from the family room but left it along with the telephone when my lower lip started quivering.

A stripped dining room.

The table cloth, used by a bachelor living alone and washed infrequently was dispatched to the laundry to be washed dried and put away after folding. The mat was rolled and put with the extension in the hall closet. Photos on the sideboard disappeared into a drawer. The candles and potpourri became the centerpiece for the table and the Raiku was centered on the sideboard under the contemporary painting.

I haven’t eaten in there in a week and a half. I probably won’t enjoy a meal at that table again as I’m downsizing and the table seats 8.

A staged living room.

We took the arm chairs from the dining room and put them next to the former end table that sat between a couch and a love seat. Instant seating and coffee table. Then we set up the drop leaf dining room table I purchased for a new, smaller space as a game table. My Chinese chairs with padded seats are the perfect accompaniment.

A bare master bath.

Let’s just say that the counter now shows more tile than it has for years. She at least let me keep my organizer that has my wallet, keys, glasses and assorted technology chargers. That, plus a loose change teapot and an electric toothbrush are all that is left.

All the pills and health paraphernalia wound up in a drawer.

I've not cracked yet. But if any body wants to check out the trunk in the bedroom we are coming to blows!


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Jerry Fletcher Oct 10, 2017 · #4

#2 Refurbished but not Reconciled!

Jerry Fletcher Oct 10, 2017 · #3

#1 I certainly hope so Mohammed.

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Don Philpott☘️ Oct 7, 2017 · #2

For sale, one recently refurbished male :)

Mohammed Abdul Jawad Sep 15, 2017 · #1

Sometimes new settings brings in rejuvenating perception!