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Sustainable Solutions for Leaders - A fresh, fast approach

Sustainable Solutions for Leaders - A fresh, fast approachTo celebrate the Solution Focused World Day May 3rd I've been a part of an editorial team to collect cases and inspirations for a small book about solution-focus (SF) in organisations. 

The book is written for leaders who don't know anything about SF = no fancy business language. Instead, it's down-to-earth examples and hands-on inspiration for you as a leader to try out. 

I even got to have a chapter in it called "Solution Focused questions for daily interactions."

Occasionally I get the question from managers I meet, “How can I be a manager, and at the same time coach my employees be the experts in everything they do? One moment I am lead- ing, the next I am supposed to step away and be supportive and understanding. That confuses everyone.”

It is, of course, a balance, and if you as a manager think it is either/or, I will suggest you are in dire straits. You don’t lead your employees constantly from the moment you enter the office, right?

A comment that often follows is, “I also can’t consistently set enough time aside for each person to make them aware of what they do well.”

Of course not. But you can choose to view the support of your employees as a part of your management role from a different perspective.

Rather than (only) seeing coaching as a specific type of conversation, you could view it as an every-day method to interact on a micro scale, as when you ask one of your employees: “How’s it going?” or “So, how was the reaction to the email you sent out?”

For you as a manager, answers to these kinds of questions give you a sense of your employee’s current situation and make you aware of the effect of a piece of work done in a certain context.

I suggest you can do this better, more directly and quickly.


You can download a PDF version of the book for free here:

If you find the book useful and want to support the community who published it - SFiO - Solution Focus in Organisations - then you can buy the e-book at Amazon for only $2.51.

And of course, if you have become curious about what the solution focused approach is then you are more than welcome to contact me.