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Do we offer too much?

Do we offer too much?

Fastest turnaround times? We do that! Lowest prices? Yup that’s us! 24 hour support? How did you know?

I list these due to the fact of what we hear in the market every single year. Sometimes we throw up on people (or have been thrown up on) about all of the features and benefits that make us say “Wow! What a deal! Can’t wait to work with these people”. The reality is that we see this mindset and business practice as useful as toilet paper. When we are finished using it we don’t think, “Was that two ply or four ply, My dairy air only gets the best treatment”. Now that's just a bit of tongue in cheek humor, but I hope you get the point. The question that I posting is…

Are we offering too much service?

Now to be up front on this...I do not think that we should offer less service to our clients, but what I am stating is that maybe we offer too much service which in turn gives us a bad name. This bad name turns to slander and then the thought of dishonesty creeps up in our customers minds and further down the toilet bowl we go.

The idea of offering our clients the best: service, care, products, etc. has always been on top of mind of marketers and salespeople alike. This isn’t to say that business owners do not think this way, but when we look at these departments (sales and marketing) they need the right amount of information and useful distinctions to be top of mind for their clients. In short...what makes us different? It is during this time that those who perform the services begin to throw out all of the things that are now the norm and no longer differentiators. Such as:

  • 24 hour service

  • 2 hour response times

  • Call anytime (day or night)