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Do we offer too much?

Do we offer too much?

Fastest turnaround times? We do that! Lowest prices? Yup that’s us! 24 hour support? How did you know?

I list these due to the fact of what we hear in the market every single year. Sometimes we throw up on people (or have been thrown up on) about all of the features and benefits that make us say “Wow! What a deal! Can’t wait to work with these people”. The reality is that we see this mindset and business practice as useful as toilet paper. When we are finished using it we don’t think, “Was that two ply or four ply, My dairy air only gets the best treatment”. Now that's just a bit of tongue in cheek humor, but I hope you get the point. The question that I posting is…

Are we offering too much service?

Now to be up front on this...I do not think that we should offer less service to our clients, but what I am stating is that maybe we offer too much service which in turn gives us a bad name. This bad name turns to slander and then the thought of dishonesty creeps up in our customers minds and further down the toilet bowl we go.

The idea of offering our clients the best: service, care, products, etc. has always been on top of mind of marketers and salespeople alike. This isn’t to say that business owners do not think this way, but when we look at these departments (sales and marketing) they need the right amount of information and useful distinctions to be top of mind for their clients. In short...what makes us different? It is during this time that those who perform the services begin to throw out all of the things that are now the norm and no longer differentiators. Such as:

  • 24 hour service

  • 2 hour response times

  • Call anytime (day or night)

  • Lowest prices

  • Price matching

  • We are the lowest or its FREE

So on and so forth. Some of these might not be something that you offer, but think about the best experiences your clients have had due to the “unseen service” that you have done to go above and beyond? Now think about the times where your offers to make you stand out have actually hurt you and resulted in not just losing the customers, but also, earned you a bad review.  

Who is to blame for the over offering of service? Many might say that the customers are to blame. They ask for so much and we want to make sure that they stay with us. They have forced us to offer more. The truth of the matter is that business continue to do this to themselves. When we look at where these offers come from it usually comes from the owner of a company or maybe even a “marketer”. True marketers can be more clever than that, so if I have offended you with that last's a tissue for your issue.

For those who are still on board then great let’s talk about less is more. When talking about the idea of less is not to keep anything away from the client, but it allows you to have a true conversation with clients to help them understand what it is that you offer, and how you can start building trust between both companies.

When we offer what we can do we can be confident in all the offerings that we provide. When we start thinking that our competitor is giving more than we are that’s when trouble begins to brew. The idea of offering more can correlate with the dating world. Many times we might have felt that it was our car, the place we went to eat, or the gifts that we give in our courting. The truth that comes down to when a relationship blossom comes from...the content of truth. When we invite others into our worlds we give others the opportunity to know more about us and our limitations. This doesn't scare the other person off, but rather, it allows them to trust you more and want to pursue growing the relationship even more.

This may or may not be true for your business, but many companies out there think that it’s their offerings that make them stand out when it actually comes down to what they are made of.

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#1 thanks David for your kind words. Love buzzing in the hives.


Honesty and ethics make a good organization. If that's what they're made of, then good for them. If they go overboard in the name of greed, it eventually catches up.

+2 +2
David B. Grinberg 30/11/2016 · #1

Nice buzz, Jesse, with good advice. I shared in three hives: "Business" and "Customer Service" and "Customer Experience." I'm also following you now. Keep buzzing onward and upward!