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Who is the hero of your business?

Who is the hero of your business?

Many companies understand that the importance of telling their story is very important. What they do that sets themselves apart from competitors, what their products or services do for their customers, where they started and why. These are the basic building blocks of being able to pitch your company. To let others understand why you get out of bed in the morning and that you will not rest until your customers are completely satisfied!

When a company has all of these elements of what they feel is the best narrative of how they are here to change the world one customer at a time.

I call BULLS**T!

What many companies in many different verticals point out is that they are in love with themselves and that they are ready to defend what they do not only to the world but to their customers too. Many company stories feel that they have their WHY figured out (many really didn't get what Simon Sinek was trying to convey) and build a very self-serving website and pitch that focuses on what makes them different.

What I want to ask is who is the hero of the story?

Is it your customer or is it you?

We all know that the customer should always be the hero of the story that you build together. Some will say, “Without me, the customer would have never figured out the solution to their problem and thus I am the hero.”, but what does that convey to your customers? If you don’t believe what I a saying here, just go look at many different websites that think what they do is so revolutionary and changing the world! They scream self-centered and egotistical. They lose the point of even starting a business in the first place and create a