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Who is the hero of your business?

Who is the hero of your business?

Many companies understand that the importance of telling their story is very important. What they do that sets themselves apart from competitors, what their products or services do for their customers, where they started and why. These are the basic building blocks of being able to pitch your company. To let others understand why you get out of bed in the morning and that you will not rest until your customers are completely satisfied!

When a company has all of these elements of what they feel is the best narrative of how they are here to change the world one customer at a time.

I call BULLS**T!

What many companies in many different verticals point out is that they are in love with themselves and that they are ready to defend what they do not only to the world but to their customers too. Many company stories feel that they have their WHY figured out (many really didn't get what Simon Sinek was trying to convey) and build a very self-serving website and pitch that focuses on what makes them different.

What I want to ask is who is the hero of the story?

Is it your customer or is it you?

We all know that the customer should always be the hero of the story that you build together. Some will say, “Without me, the customer would have never figured out the solution to their problem and thus I am the hero.”, but what does that convey to your customers? If you don’t believe what I a saying here, just go look at many different websites that think what they do is so revolutionary and changing the world! They scream self-centered and egotistical. They lose the point of even starting a business in the first place and create a hero persona that can fly in and save the day, and without them, their clients would be defenseless and left in a stupor if it wasn’t for them. So to make sure I cover at least a few items of why your customers think differently I will give three important ways you are not growing your client base.

1.Your clients do not care how you started

I know it’s hard to hear. It’s hard to hear because you have put so much time and effort in building what you think is the core of your brand. How you started the business, where you started the business, why you saw a need to change how the world sees...well I think you get the picture. The point of this is the separate yourself from the competitors that are out there in the same space.

You are no different than other businesses in your vertical. You are not the security blanket that businesses want so that they can sleep at night. You really do not offer peace of mind. These things that were just listed here are exactly why companies have a hard time explaining who they are and what they do. They focus too much on them and not enough on the customer.

2. What you do is not that unique

Let’s get real for just a second here. Did you discover the latest algorithm to solving computer viruses? Did you come up with a new way to eat food? Have you found the cure for the common cold?

This comes full circle once again on how companies believe that they are able to set themselves apart from their competitors. They give lip service to no one but their own ego. Customers are way too savvy today to read what you do or hear what you do and just take your word for it. There is this little thing called Google...I don’t know if you have heard of this, but it pretty much is a universe full of information. If you have the time and dedication to learn about what it is that makes things will more than likely find the answer. What is it about companies that think that they have come up with this amazing process on how they offer their product or service that makes them this last bastion of hope in solving their want and or need?

Your uniqueness is nothing more than disrespect of your customer's intellect plain and simple.

3.Your customers do not see you as the hero

Coming back to where this started, customers are there for their wants and needs...NOT YOURS! I am a firm believer that when you perform great business or offer great products, the side effect is increased business. We can look at any type of company and see what they say to try and set themselves apart:

  • 100 years of combined knowledge in a particular field

  • Upset of how their industry has done a great job making them look bad

  • 24/7 365 days a year

  • First in their space to start…

This list could go on and on. The one thing that many of the consumers read is all about you and how you are there for them but are you truly there for them?

Now I don’t want to leave this on a low note of what not only I have seen companies do to make themselves look like schmucks, but it’s what consumers and individuals say all the time. Look at just a few BRANDS that really get the point across that their customers always come first:

  • Apple

  • Virgin

  • Nike

  • Vayndermedia

  • Amazon

  • Zappos

  • Tom Shoes

These are just a few that focus on what is most important in the story of your business...YOUR CUSTOMERS. Your customers are the reason that your exist. Your customers are the reason that you continue to offer your products or services to the world. Your customers are your greatest heroes.

Sure we could say that customers would not be able to do what they do without you, however, they are the true hero of the story. They are the ones that have pushed you to become better at what you do. They are giving you problems to solve to make your processes better, to make your products better. They are the reason that you get to wake and have the comfort of having the ability to take care of what you hold most dear. Without your customer's you would be nothing.

So start wrapping your head around these question:

  • Am I telling the right story on my website?

  • When I tell others what I do..does it make sense?

  • Are you coming off as an aid of wants and needs or are you just conceded?

  • Can and will your customers grow your business through referrals because they truly are ambassadors of your brand?

If you can’t be real with yourself on any of these questions then ask your spouse. You know that they will not pull any punches if you have a healthy relationship. If you are lost in this area or need to find out what truly makes you stand out...hire a professional and ask them to not hold back.

Donna-Luisa Eversley 2/12/2016 · #3

Standing Ovation @Jesse Angeles...yes you have gotten it right on all counts. The superficial congeniality dished out by many companies are self serving and keeps their operations from optimizing... Unless they are monopolies. Great post.. Like your style 🐝🐝😊

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Mohammed A. Jawad 1/12/2016 · #2

On occasions, taking counsel from your better half is a good, frugal move. Treat her well and ask her, she'll pretend a good consultant with witty and quick suggestions.

Btw..good, insightful post.

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Max🐝 J. Carter 1/12/2016 · #1

I love your direct approach. Great Buzz.

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