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ACORN Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

Jamie after a tough fight at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds with Carl Owens. A ten round win. UD and he won it on attrition. This story Segways into something else. This is where the story took me. It took me to a sad place. 

ACORN Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

I probably could have prepared my tax return this year; I had two T4’s, one federal, and one provincial. I don’t pay taxes so no refunds; altogether nothing to it. Just the same I phoned around to different tax preparation companies, H & R Block being the most expensive of course. “How much will it cost me?” And I describe my situation, “Well that would depend on how much you make.” “I see...”

The other place from last year wants forty bucks again, and it took her about four minutes to do it, and I didn’t get a plugged nickel back. Some of these companies try this hook: “We will get the maximum return allowable for you.” What does that mean? Are they going to make up deductions? It’s pretty much cut and dried, and next year I am going to do it myself. I’ve heard of people in the States, when I lived there, mailing in their W2’s to the IRS and telling them to figure it out, and they did do it. I’d even trust them.

One time I got off work in Vegas, I was working at Caesars then, and I got home and saw a letter in my mailbox from the IRS. My pulse quickened because I assumed that I was getting an audit. But no, they informed me that last year’s tax preparer had underestimated my social security contributions, and I was entitled to a refund of close to five hundred dollars: agree/disagree. But first I called them, “Hey, is this a trick?” But no. I didn’t even really need the money at that time but who’s complaining?

The IRS can ruin you if they want to but they like to do it honestly.

I start phoning around, “I’m on disability, can I get my taxes done cheap (read free). And I did find a place called ACORN right there on Columbia across from Fresh Slice Pizza. I’m on my motor scooter, and I get there a little early. I go in there and crawl up two flights, and it’s this timeworn building, and they are the only occupied office. The people are helpful and friendly, and there are about five people up there and two women doing the taxes in open space with three little offices off to the side. Some small talk, I’m looking all around, and this is clearly a place of advocacy for general bottom feeders and social losers, like yours truly. I tell t