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Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces.

A break-in joint hires dealer’s fresh out of school. Dice dealers fresh out of school are brutal. They're lumps. They can't deal. After about six months you are ready for a middle-level joint. You can get around the layout, and you are ready to learn.

A middle-level house will have a mixture of experienced dealers and break-ins. You will rub up against some very talented dealers. Dealers who were at the top and screwed up someway and are on a downward trajectory. You look at these guys, and you are looking at your future. You can tell yourself that it won't happen to you, but you know. You know.

I was working at The Vegas Club, downtown. A guy comes in and auditions on my game. I was on second base. He takes the stick. He then comes around to third base. This guy was in his early thirties, a good looking guy with an average build. He’s about six feet tall a white guy, and he’s from Atlantic City.

I have never seen hands like this guy had anywhere before or since. His hands were mesmerizing hypnotic and extremely fluid and deft. I was embarrassed to deal around this guy. I may as well have been dealing with boxing gloves on.

This guy’s problem was that he had a felony card. Every dealer has a gaming card. You are required to wear the card when you are on the floor. The card is bar coded and shows all the places you worked. Your prints are attached to your card. Your gaming history is on file at Metro. A felony card can't ha