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Boxing - Jamie

Jamie @ 139 LBS amateur fight

Boxing - Jamie

Boxing – Jamie

It was the middle of July sometime, this was in 1991, and I had been working at Caesars for, well it wasn’t too long. I think I got in there in early spring. It took a while to get in there, to get through the corporate, six weeks, they ain’t in a hurry. I had to go downtown and renew my massage licence since my old one from Bally’s had expired. I’d gotten canned from Bally’s in spring of 1988 and went into dealing. I broke in as a dice dealer and worked my way up and through four joints, middle-level joints, and I was working at the Barbary when I got a call from an old contact, and he juiced me into Caesars.

I distinctly remember the day I got the okay from corporate; the manager called me, “You’re in!” I called my parents; I felt good, and it was a milestone in my life. For a guy like me, a solid underachiever, this was my graduation. It was a status job, and only the Mirage was stronger. I took the job with some misgivings because I had worked so hard to get a game together, a dice game, get to the point where I could deal, where I could get and keep a middle-level