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Close to home

I got fired from the snowboard factory and I got fired from the block glass window factory. But I'm consistent. 

Close to home

Close to home

I had pretty much had it with serving papers. It is long hours and intense and stressful, and there is always the threat of violence. People aren’t friendly; they don't want those papers. 

It wasn't fun, and besides, I wasn't making any money which will take the fun out of almost anything. I had substantial revolving debt; all plastic, and I ended up discharging the debt two years later in bankruptcy court, in 1998. 

At any rate, I quit, which didn't make any difference as I was working on straight commission and I was paid by the serve. 

I was living across from the public library in San Bernardino. I had a studio apartment in a heritage building – the rent was cheap, and I liked the building, but the cockroaches must have been there since they laid the foundation, they were as big as my thumb, but fortunately there were not too many of them. 

I had a 1979 Honda Prelude -- I loved this little car, and I poured money into it. It was running well at this point. 

I started to get temp work around the area through various agencies; Select, Core and Labor Ready. 

I was looking to get a foothold somehow, to get a leg up. I had heard about the ROP, the Regional Occupational Program and this was a way to get entry-level skills for free, a way to pick up a trade or a soft profession like a bank teller. They had various programs: auto body, automotive service, this kind of thing with no charge, except for books and materials and they offered these courses at the high schools.

I phoned around and found medical terminology in Colton. The receptionist wasn't sure I could do it, but I got pushy and talked to the teacher, an energetic black lady, and she agreed to let me attend. I went to Loma Linda, went to the hospital there and got my book at the bookstore -- there was a University attached to the hospital. 

I also at this time had a job at a snowboard factory in Corona. I worked a graveyard shift, and I made six bucks an hour as a temp. If you were