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I try to move up -- too soon

I wasn't ready. 

I try to move up -- too soon

I was on my game at Vegas Club when Rudy, a dice dealer I had worked with came in and informed me and anyone else in the vicinity that they were hiring at the Fremont.

They were hard up for dealers. Dice dealers. They had guys working a lot of OT, and they were starting to bitch about it. 

I was reluctant. The Fremont was a very strict house, and they used speed checks which were hard to deal. I had been back in my game for about six months, and my hands were still not too good. A speed check is an acrylic chip with a metal insert about the size of a dime. They are heavy and extremely slippery. If you look hard at them, they spill.

Once you get good, you can deal faster. And they don't wear out. Saves the casino money.

This was 1993. I did go and audition at the Fremont. I was nervous and spilling checks all over the layout. I was giggling in embarrassment. But. They hired me. I mean they would have hired anybody.

The Fremont wasn't a fun place to work. Their action was mostly Hawaiians, and when you deal